It’s 200 up for Murray, but Stags skipper says the tank is not empty yet

Mansfield Town's Adam Murray -Pic by: Richard Parkes
Mansfield Town's Adam Murray -Pic by: Richard Parkes

Stags skipper and assistant manager Adam Murray chalked up his 200th Mansfield game in midweek – and he says his tank is far from empty yet.

“It feels more like 4,000 games,” he smiled. “It’s always nice to reach milestones like that in your career.

“I have had some experiences here, lots of ups and downs, and I have a good connection with this football club. It feels like I have been here forever and it’s been a big part of my career.

“I think I am still getting into the box as much as ever. But I have had to change my playing style as when you get older you to have to play a bit more with your head as you can’t do what you want to physically as much. But I have kept myself in shape and I am enjoying it.

“Since the first time I came here on loan, I have got on with people and made some good friends – and some good enemies - . But I have always felt at home here.

“Winning the league was a relief and a feeling of pride and fulfilment – the highlight of my career so far.

“We had a good first season back in the Football League and I am in a good place at the minute personally and on the field. I am feeling really fit and, though I know my performances can improve, I still feel I have a lot to give.

“As long as I can keep myself fit and recover right, there is still a bit left in the tank.”

Stags are currently under pressure from fans after three straight defeats, but it’s nothing new to Murray.

“You have to keep a level thought process, don’t get too down in the bad times or too high in the good ones,” he said.

“If you are over the place you become erratic. You must stay focused on your end goal, even if you have to take a few knocks on the way.

“People always have a very negative outlook when you’re not winning football matches. There is only us can put that right and we have not been good enough

“We need to start putting points on the board. There is no time to feel sorry for ourselves.

“It was always going to be a tough game on Tuesday as Notts are a league higher than us. But there are no excuses as I don’t think we were good enough on the night. Our application wasn’t good enough.”

Stags are likely to blood new striker Rakish Bingham tomorrow at Exeter, and Murray said: “He has been like a breath of fresh air, full of energy and full of beans. He suits the way we go about things and is a good addition. But we can’t expect him to score eight goals on his debut, though 10 would be better! He will be good for us.”

Manager Paul Cox can expect more pressure from the fans, who chanted for him to go on Tuesday, but Murray added: “He is used to it. He is a tough bloke and he’s a big bloke.

“He is good at what he does and I am not overly worried. We have been here before and only the people on the pitch and in the office can put it right and we are more determined than every to do that.”

Stags will be without injured defenders John Dempster and Luke Jones and Cox is hoping to set up a behind-closed-doors game for them next week to boost their fitness before the trip to Wycombe on Saturday week.