Haslam denies Stags’ claims on Field Mill talks progress

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STAGS landlord Keith Haslam today insisted suggestions of an early conclusion to the legal battle for ownership of Field Mill were wide of the mark.

Stags have started legal action to repossess the ground from Haslam, stating the share dividend deal which landed him the ground was illegal.

Current club owner and chairman John Radford has told fans he is expecting it to be sorted sooner and than later and hoped for an out-of-court settlement. He also said he had made an offer to Haslam, that Haslam had been trying to get in touch with him, and that solicitors from the two sides were meeting earlier this month.

However, a statement from Haslam’s solicitors today said: “We have been asked by our client to make clear its position regarding reports that have recently appeared in the media.

“Firstly there are currently no ongoing discussions regarding an out of court settlement or early resolution of the litigation currently taking place. Indeed, no settlement discussions have taken place since the last court hearing on 17th February.

“How long the action will take to be resolved will be a matter for the court, but if action was to proceed to trial, the litigation is unlikely to be concluded much before the end of 2012 or early 2013.

“Secondly, there have been no meetings between the lawyers as has recently been mentioned in the media.

“Whilst Stags Limited remains willing to have a constructive dialogue with Mr Radford regarding the future of the Field Mill Stadium, no sensible dialogue can be conducted via the media and Stags Limited will only participate in further discussions via solicitors.

“Stags Limited does not propose to maintain a running commentary on the litigation with the club.

“However, it considers the club’s counterclaim to be without merit and will continue to vigorously defend its position in the event the counterclaim ultimately proceeds to trial, whenever that might be.”