Fans’ backing cheers Stags skipper Murray

STAGS skipper Adam Murray is enjoying playing in front of cheering crowds so far this season – and hopes the Mansfield Town supporters can keep that up when their club hits a bad spell.

Murray spent many nights last season with the boos from the stands still ringing in his ears.

But, despite dropping two late home points against Telford, on Tuesday, Stags were still applauded from the field and Murray said: “The fans have been absolutely excellent this season.

“I think last season we would have lost Tuesday’s game. Even though we weren’t quite up to the standards we’ve set in the first half, I think we deserved to win it in the second half and we are still eight unbeaten.

“It’s when things aren’t going to well we will see the true colours of everyone involved at the club.

“Last season wasn’t great and people had a right to give opinions. A lot of their opinions were right.

“But a club that wants success and promotion needs to stand together through the bad times.

“I know Tuesday felt like a loss. But I did hear people questioning things already and I thought what’s going on? At the end of the day we have started the season well. We are still up there and fighting for it.

“You can pick so many holes in Tuesday night’s game that it sounds a hundred times worse than it was. Telford did their homework and deserve some credit for that.” He added: “It will be a really tough test against Kidderminster on Saturday.

“They may have lost heavily at Fleetwood on Tuesday but reports are that they were the better side before the sendings-off.

“We must be on our mettle, firing on all cylinders and do what we are good at.”