Evans’ apology after fans’ night is postponed

Mansfield Town manager Steve Evans.
Mansfield Town manager Steve Evans.

Steve Evans has apologised for the postponement of tonight’s supporters’ evening with him, but stressed safety was the most important thing with awful winter weather predicted.

Fans were due to question the club’s management team at ‘An Evening With Steve Evans and Paul Raynor, but it has now been moved back to next Thursday (8th March).

“I have taken the advice of people internally,” he said.

“We have staff members that are going to be home at 11 and 12 o’clock at night and we have been looking at, possibly, what the weather could be like.

“Equally, if not more importantly, we’re asking people to come out in what we understand are going to be really dreadful conditions.

“That’s not right for anyone. Safety is paramount so we will move it back to next Thursday.”