Duffy in disgrace as Stags crumble

ROB Duffy was in disgrace today after his red card against Fleetwood Town last night led to the Stags tumbling like a pack of cards to a 5-2 home hammering.

The game was locked at 1-1 in first half stoppage time when Duffy’s elbow on defender Alan Wright changed the course of the game.

Manager Duncan Russell was furious with Duffy and Stags’ sixth red card of a ill-disciplined campaign, but also bitterly disappointed with his side’s tame surrender with 10 men.

“I am so disappointed,” he said. “I shook their manager’s hand at the end and he told me he thought we were the better team in the first half and that the sending-off changed the whole game.

“I am certainly not happy about us imploding and letting in so many goals again.

“I told them at half-time we needed two banks of four and to keep it narrow. You have to have a mentality with 10 men and a lot of teams can defend really well, sit back and stop the crosses coming in.

“Fingers will be pointed and people pulled out when we watch the DVD. It looked like some of them just though ‘here we go again’. We needed someone to get a grip on the pitch and sort it out. You have to put up a better fight than that.”

Inevitably Duffy was the focus of Russell’s anger and he added: “I can’t defend him, what Rob Duffy did tonight was inexcusable.

“I have had another look at it on the DVD, but I didn’t really need to as where I was standing I had a fantastic view of it and he led with his elbow.

“It was stupid and immature and from a senior pro and I didn’t expect anything like that from him. You can imagine a young lad doing it, but not someone of Rob’s experience.

“Seconds earlier he probably didn’t get the foul he thought he deserved from the referee so he immediately retaliated.

“We have been down this avenue before with indiscipline this season and I won’t tolerate it, He will be fined and disciplined.

“Either they learn or they won’t be at this football club, that’s all I can do. I don’t care if they get punched, scratched or spat at, you get on with the game.”

Russell and the side were booed from the field and he said: “The fans were not happy and Rob Duffy’s actions gave them an avenue to boo me and the team which was selfish of the player. I want him to feel like I feel at this moment in time.

“I do my best here to get the players prepared and organised, so it is hurtful. But I chose to be the manager so I have to take I on the chin and I will do.

“I know we have a good squad here and, absolutely, I can turn things if I can add some personnel.

“I am trying to bring three players in at the moment. I want to bolster things at the back, one up front and perhaps another midfield player.”

The defeat opened up a six-point gap between the sides but Russell said: “I think we are right next to Fleetwood and would have gone on to win the game if we hadn’t gone down to 10 men. I certainly didn’t fear Fleetwood.”