Craig Priest’s Mansfield Town blog: What a difference six days can make in football

You know it’s funny how much difference six days can make in football. Last Sunday post Liverpool I sat in the press box as the ground began to empty and reflected on our moment in the spot light.

Monday, 14th January 2013, 10:39 am

The passion and desire to fight made me proud to be a Stags supporter – six days on post Kidderminster, the feeling of pride had turned to disappointment once more.

For starters, I won’t take anything anyway from Kidderminster. They are a side in form with just one defeat in 11 games and they were on form.

What I do wonder is why there was little fight or desire to make a comeback, we showed the world last weekend what we can do when we fight. We need to repeat that week in week out.

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The snow, which has swept Mansfield these last two days has given me an idea, why don’t we forget every game that’s past us and start afresh – like making that first footprint on untouched snow?

My point is starting a fresh on a blank canvas, there’s nothing behind us for us to reflect on or remember where we’ve come from, just a huge blank area in front of us which gives us a choice of direction.

Yes, I think there are one or two things which need to be tweaked, but I think that comes from within the person rather than ability, look at us against Alfreton and Macclesfield – unplayable and with a positive result.

Sometimes in football there’s fear – but it has two meanings, Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise – I hope Paul Cox and the players figure out the meaning of fear this January and ignite, we know they can and will back them all the way.