Craig Priest Stags Blog: Stags walking tall

NMAC12-1280-1''STags Fan Craig Priest
NMAC12-1280-1''STags Fan Craig Priest

Alas, our day in the spotlight is over and we’re out of the FA Cup, a giant killing sadly didn’t happen but boy, did we come close!

The Suarez debate is likely to continue for a very long time, whether his handball goal was deliberate or not for me doesn’t matter, rather than look back on a game-changing incident and dwell, let’s reflect in another fact: That little club on Quarry Lane pushed Premier League side Liverpool all the way and in the end, had them hanging on for dear life.

Never have I been prouder of Stags, the result is irrelevant – we have shown the world that when the time comes, we’ll stand toe-to-toe with the opposition and we’ll push, fight and most importantly, never give up.

Against Middlesbrough years ago the day was marred by politics and as such, just added to our sorrow, against Liverpool yesterday there was nothing untoward whatsoever that really smudged the proud picture we painted. The atmosphere for the majority of the game was nothing short of electric either.

I feel if we can perform with that level of desire and at that level of intensity from here on in, reaching the play-offs and bettering last season won’t be a problem – I believe in those players, I urge anyone who went as a one-off yesterday to do the same. If you enjoyed your day, made new friends, enjoyed the environment and maybe for a second, felt a little love for MTFC: come and join our journey.

A football club doesn’t have to have a massive trophy cabinet or a huge bank balance, richness comes in moments like yesterday – remember forever folks and let it guide us on – Bring on Kiddy!!