Craig Priest Stags blog: No excuses but still time for Mansfield Town to mount a title challenge

NMAC12-1280-1''STags Fan Craig Priest
NMAC12-1280-1''STags Fan Craig Priest

AH, another away day woe – playing against 10 men for just under an hour we should have come away with a win at the weekend.

I won’t even try and make excuses – there’s no point denying what everyone can already see clear as day. Telford need to be credited for their resilience and attitude towards, for them, a negative situation – if it wasn’t for the sheer brilliance of Alan Marriott, Mansfield would have lost, which is worrying.

The back three in that starting 3-4-1-2 formation were shaky and cost us in the first half, however individual errors shouldn’t be given the spot light here, as a team we were anxious and somewhat scared to go and punish the hosts and make advantage of the extra man.

We perhaps just need to take a look at our approach to an away tie as clearly there is something itching the lads, all we need to remember is Championship winning sides are not anxious, they’re ruthless.

In a 4-4-2 formation when we did go and try to grab the late winner we looked stronger, a special mention to Anthony Howell who was outstanding as a striker from the bench, Telford couldn’t deal with him – could he be the answer?

I wonder if we’ll find out tomorrow (Tuesday) at Macclesfield, it seems we’re becoming more impatient for an away win now.

People are saying that after 10 games 16 points is not enough for us to mount a title charge, at this stage in 2008-09 eventual winners Burton had a point less – can anyone remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?