Craig Priest’s Stags blog: Club is all sticking together for the final push

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Waking up on Saturday morning and drawing back the curtains, I just knew the game would be off against Macclesfield

You’d say that was fair in November-December time but late March is ridiculous - the weather really does ruin the beautiful game.

In some ways we are fortunate that we don’t have to complete as many games as others do before the season’s end.

However, should you be reading this on Wednesday morning and Tuesday’s game against Nuneaton was postponed, it suddenly becomes a whole different ball game!

Clubs can naturally only do so much to try to beat the weather, and I believe that we are fortunate to have one of the most dedicated grounds-man in the country.

A lot of credit should go to ‘Mez’ and his team for trying their hardest to get our games on – I’d be seriously worried if we were three points off the top, but having to play four games a week until the season’s end.

Should last night’s game against Nuneaton go ahead, we will only have to pull in the one Thursday nighters against our promotion rivals and new FA Trophy champions Wrexham.

With the size of our squad and the fact that those outside the match-day 16 are still itching to play with the correct attitude, I don’t believe tiredness will be an issue.

I mentioned the ground-staff above for a reason, not only to thank them for their tireless work but to give an example of how much this club pulls together, hoping to bring success to it.

The players are in fantastic form and, despite the enforced prolonged rest, I doubt they’ll dip in form. We now need one last push, one last burst of adrenaline and fire to get us over that elusive line.

We are Mansfield Town, one club, one community chasing one dream – TOGETHER!