Cox backing chairman as Stags loans row intensified

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Stags manager Paul Cox today offered his full backing to chairman John Radford over the war of words between Radford and former club owners Andy Saunders and Steve Hymas, who claim their loans of £1m to the club are now due for repayment

The argument, which is splitting fans on social media and fans’ web sites, centres over the wording of the agreement between the two parties.

Saunders and Hymas claim the monies were due on promotion back to the Football League.

Radford maintains the money is only repayable when the club is in a position to do so and he said it is currently losing £60,000 to £100,000 a month which he is having to subsidise.

Chad has been shown the legal document signed by all three parties and the relevant paragraph (pictured above) states:

“The loans referred to above shall be non-interest bearing and have no specified date for redemption. The Buyer, the Sellers and (the Defendant) will negotiate in good faith to repay such loans as soon as (the Defendant) can reasonably be expected to make such repayment and it is intended that such loans shall be repaid on or before the date upon which Mansfield Town Football Club are promoted to the Football League provided that this is reasonably possible.”

Radford has already said the cost of legal action in defending the claim could impact on Paul Cox’s January transfer budget.

But Cox said: “I keep in touch with the chairman and I kind of feel for him as it’s one thing after another.

“But as a manager I have to keep my head down and not let it affect me or the players.

“Politics in football will always be there, we are no different from any other club. I know the chairman will do what he feels is best for this football club as he always does and me and the players will back him 100 per cent.

“He is the main man and, without him, there would be no football club. That’s what people have to understand.”