Chelts boss takes aim at Stags bosses: “Have you ever seen dugout shenanigans like that?”

Mansfield Town v Cheltenham Town.'Cheltenham red card.
Mansfield Town v Cheltenham Town.'Cheltenham red card.

Cheltenham Town boss Gary Johnson believes the FA need to take a look at this afternoon’s controversy-filled clash with Mansfield Town.

Referee Darren Handley was firmly in the spotlight as he sent off two players from Cheltenham and one from Mansfield as well as sending Johnson to the stands for a shove on home assistant boss Paul Raynor.

“I didn’t think it was a dirty game at all,” he said.

“But unfortunately the technical area makes it a dirty game as they (Evans and Raynor) are screaming for everything all the time and some weaker refs get sucked in by it. That’s where I think they should have a look at that game.

“The referees have allowed them to win the day so well done, they’ve done their job. Maybe there should be a camera on their dug-out one day?

“In my opinion the FA have got to look at that as a whole game today.

“Have you ever seen someone booked for diving in the middle of the pitch in the first five minutes of a game?

“Have you ever seen dug-out shenanigans like that?”

He continued: “Steve Evans does it and his mate Paul Raynor, copies everything Steve does. I had him at Cambridge as a player and he was a bit similar then.

“Paul Raynor walked towards me right in the middle of my technical area so I gave him a little shove in the tummy. He went mad and the referee came over.

“Both came into my technical area at a time when their lad had gone down. He claimed an elbow but he soon got up. There was no malice in Taylor’s challenge from what I saw.”

Johnson is hoping the FA will take notice of the afternoon’s events.

“Uriah Rennie was the assessor -a very experienced person – and he’s go to have a good look at it and see what’s gone on,” he said.

“People get their comeuppance at the end of the day – I believe in karma. So does Steve Evans probably as he got sent off at our place and I’ve got sent off here.”

On the game itself, he added: “I am disappointed we lost but I am not a bad loser. I am gutted for the lads.

“My players put in a lot of good effort and when it went to 10 v 10 it looked like we could stay in it. But when you go down to nine men it becomes more of a problem.

“I was really pleased with the way we played 11 on 11.

“If Danny (Wright) has done something to be sent off near the end I will reprimand him as it was at a time when he shouldn’t have done that.

“I just felt the referee started off on the wrong foot and couldn’t get a grip of the game from thereon.”