Chad readers agree with Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray’s complaint to FA over referee

Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray
Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray

Chad readers agreed with Mansfield Town manager Adam Murray’s decision to complain to the FA over the actions of referee Mark Heywood after Murray had to sit out a touchline ban at Plymouth last weekend after being sent off at home to Morecambe a week earlier.

Murray was upset over the reasons given for his dismissal and other areas of his spat with the West Yorkshire official, and we ran a poll on Monday to ask what you thought.

A resounding 55 per cent said Murray did nothing to be sent off for in the first place and is right to complain to the FA.

Another 27 per cent felt he deserved to be sent-off but no touchline ban should have followed while 18 per cent were with Mr Heywood and said Murray was out of order against Morecambe and deserved his punishment.