Catling’s Corner: Mansfield Town’s draw with Leicester City offers plenty of encouragement

Mansfield Town v Leicester City.'Nathan Thomas.
Mansfield Town v Leicester City.'Nathan Thomas.

I was pleased to see that we more than dealt with MK Dons and played very decent football against them. On another night we could have easily beaten them.

In a 1-1 draw, our goalscorer was Nathan Thomas, who scored an absolutely cracking goal into the top corner. This lad could really be a hidden gem!.

We also found out why Adi Yusuff hadn’t been in this game and games previous as Adam Murray had told us he had been fasting so it was understandable he couldn’t give 100 per cent in these games.

Hopefully he will be back before the season starts and firing them in for fun.

We then went to Grantham on Thursday night with the Stags team being made up of young professionals as well as Simon Heslop and manager Adam Murray.

The game in the end was lost 2-1 with Heslop scoring Stags’ goal, but I don’t think we’ll see him again in a Stags shirt so it was a good way for him to go out with.

For people who know me I have given Adam Murray some stick in the past as a player since coming back to play for us, but I would be the first to tell him if he had a good game.

He also wrote a message to me in the programme for the games against MK Dons and Leicester, saying he finds my column “very fair, a good read, and looking at it from all angles,” which was nice to hear.

We then entertained Leicester City on the Saturday in the best game the Stags have played all pre-season and my hopes are really high to say we’ve just held a Premiership team to a 1-1 draw at our ground.

The even better thing was the fact that the Stags got their first penalty in nearly three year.

My man of the match for this game was both Malvind Benning and Mitchell Rose, both of whom were absolutely superb.

I was told the Leicester press was also very complimentary towards the Stags, which is unheard of from another team in previous years.

This surely can only be good for the Stags when going for better players to win us this league.

Greeny banging the penalty in was good as it will give him even more confidence and I wouldn’t want any other player for the Stags taking them.

I honestly couldn’t believe how well we’ve played, but as Murray has stated after the game we have to keep our feet firmly on the ground.

Despite this I still think we are three players short, a left-back, centre-back and a winger. If we get those I’ll be very confident heading into the season. My hopes have definatley grown since these games and can’t wait for the season to start.