ASK EVANS - The Stags manager answers your Chad Stags Facebook questions

Mansfield Town's Manager Steve Evans - Pic Chris Holloway
Mansfield Town's Manager Steve Evans - Pic Chris Holloway

Steve Evans believes Stags are on course to replicate his success at Rotherham United and also assured fans all loan players are staying until the end of May.

Evans was replying to questions asked by Stags fans via our Chad Stags Facebook page.

Every week we offer you the chance to ask the manager a question and we will pick the best two to put to him at the twice-weekly press conferences.

Here are today’s questions with their answers – please log onto our Chad Stags Facebook page and click like via HERE and on Monday and Thursdays you can add your questions to the press conference post that morning.

Martin Eastwood asked: “I’d like to ask SE how the current Stags quality/morale compares to his promotion-winning sides at Rotherham and Crawley. Also does he think top three is possible?”

“It didn’t help the other night in making the top three a possibility,” replied Evans.

“Carlisle got a great win while we let ourselves down.

“In terms of quality, I think Rotherham perhaps had a little more quality in certain areas.

“But this Mansfield team probably has a little more quality in different areas, strange as that sounds.

“When you look at the points differential, I think we are probably three or four points behind where Rotherham would have been at this stage.

“After the game at Grimsby, if you look in terms of the number of games, Rotherham then went eight games and got eight points.

“I will be disappointed if, after Grimsby, we go eight games and get eight points. But at Rotherham we won the final five and that takes a bit of doing.

“We are on track and we have some wonderful players in the dressing room that don’t want to lose. That is identical to what we had at Rotherham. There is no difference how much they hurt when they don’t win.

“We went in there the other night after the last minute goal and there was great celebrations from the supporters after the game. But in the dressing room the players were hurting. It was quiet and they knew we’d let ourselves down.

“But we also got a point and we can’t forget that.”

Dave Hollingworth asked: “Can any of our loan players be recalled by their clubs and, if so, which ones?

“You can’t go back,” assured Evans. “The only time you can go back is in the transfer window.

“Our loan signings are to the end of May, in the eventuality we get in the play-offs.

“I can remember John Radford saying to me why are taking these players to the end of May as, play-offs, we’ve got no chance?

“Well, chairman when you come back from your sunshine break looking rather tanned, we are in the play-off spots! We have a lot of work to do to stay in there.

“I have spoken to the chairman and Carolyn since they’ve been away and they are absolutely delighted, though disappointed with the result the other night like I am, and I like that.

“But we have a chance, and to make that chance a reality, we are going to need support on bad days like Tuesday night when we were 2-0 down and the fans stayed with us – thank you to every one of you.”