Adam Murray praise for John Still on eve of Mansfield Town’s Luton showdown

Mansfield Town manager Adam Murray spoke of his immense respect for Luton Town boss John Still on the eve of their showdown at Kenilworth Road.

Adam Murray.
Adam Murray.

Murray, an ex-Luton player himself, said, as a young manager, it was hard not to learn from someone like Still.

“He is superb and somebody I have got a lot of time for,” said Murray. “Obviously as a very young manager myself he is somebody you can look up to and learn from his traits and his attitude towards the game.

“He is someone with great experience and his staff are the same. We have had a few chats with those guys and we have utter respect for them. But from 3pm on Saturday that goes out the window and we want to put them to the sword.”

Murray added: “With their experience you can’t not learn from people like that. Myself and our group of staff here are very open and very humble at where we are in our journey and anything you can learn in this game, you have to be a good thief.

“Anything you can, you take and put your mould on it and you try to make it better to what you believe in, and that’s what we do.”

Murray is hoping the Stags fans can play their part in the stands tomorrow at a ground where the hostile atmosphere can make it an intimidating venue to play at for visiting teams.

“They are going to be with us on Saturday,” said Murray. “We will go in there together.

“We won’t go in there as a football team and football supporters.

“We will walk into the ground together and we will come out together. For that 90 minutes we have got to stick together and make sure we are one and we are going to war as one and hope we will come out of it with more points on the board.”