A new day dawns for Mansfield Town

Scrolling through the history books will tell you that a lot has happened on the 1st march, for example in 752BC, Romulus the founder of Rome was born, writes Craig Priest.

The welsh celebrate Saint David’s day... and now on March 1st 2012 another momentous moment is added to this, from now on March 1st will be known by all Stags fans as Sir John day – The day Field Mill was reclaimed from former owner and landlord, Keith Haslam.

First of all let me express my thanks as a support to Mr Radford for securing the lease on the ground required to get us promotion, aside from the other issues, having the lease in play was the only thing really holding us back.

I am not someone who reads too much into rumours, which has perhaps helped over the past 48 hours in terms of ‘we have got the ground’ or ‘we haven’t got the ground’ – I am however a believer and optimist, as a supporter I just had a feeling deep down that today would be the day, deadline day or not.

I woke up this morning and saw a beautiful amber/yellow sun burning brightly across Mansfield, it had a symbolic meaning – Today, Mansfield Town Football Club are going to rise and their dreams and aspirations will begin to be reached. Getting the ground back is just the start.

I’m very privileged to have the job I have, tomorrow (Saturday) will be a wonderful day to sit in the press box, witness and report on – a part of my job really and truly would be to explore the politics side of things,

I don’t understand any of it really – that’s another learning curve I need to take. Not being able to understand the politics is a good thing though, because I understand the basics of getting the ground back etc,

I can focus perhaps more on the football side of things – it’s the football from now on that needs to do the talking.

In the summer Mr Radford appointed a manager yet to be tested at Conference National level, but a man who has kept his head down and taken his previous club to countless success, both in trophy form and other ways.

Paul Cox, in my opinion, has since proved it wasn’t a one off, we haven’t actually won anything yet and still might not, there has also been many areas where mistakes have been made.

However the progression of the side has been a good one, and looking at the seasons progression so far, since September we have not dropped out of the top ten.

The draw’s have held us back for sure, some silly defeats have too – however we’ve kept plugging away and as we approach the final 13 games, we’re in the best position, both in the league and ability/ mentality wise in the dressing been, that we have been in for years.

Getting the ground back is huge, the tweets and facebook posts flying about have been brilliant, all unable to contain the joy with many of them comparing getting the ground back in our hands to promotion.

There is a lot of anger towards our previous owner and now previous landlord, which has perhaps hampered our progression as a club over the past few years, so understandably there will be a party atmosphere on Saturday, at least I hope there is!

What we’re forgetting maybe in all the excitement is that there’s a game of football being played and a former manager is returning aiming to prevent what the man, now in his seat, doing what he failed to do – take us up.

In the imps respective press this week Mr Holdsworth has said that Mansfield ‘showed him no loyalty’ during his field mill tenure and that he was ‘glad to get out’.

Obviously our former boss is just trying to hot things up ahead of the game, let’s make sure any hint of hate, towards both Holdsworth and Haslam respectively, is non-existent come 3pm Saturday, Let’s celebrate getting our ground back in our hands with lots of noise and a big attendance, but let’s celebrate with love and support – a win over Lincoln Saturday with results going in our favour could see us in those play-off places at last!

It’s one game at time, three points after three points, goal after goal, win after win – from here on in, let’s bathe in the glorious light which shines now our past dark clouds have been removed, let’s be the one voice collectively behind the dream.

Field Mill is ours – promotion is finally achievable and honestly achievable. Mr Radford and his team have done their part off the pitch, thanks once again for that, let’s pack the stands and get them buzzing, whilst Paul and the boys go and do the job on the pitch!

We are Mansfield Town Football Club, and together, no matter what stands in our way, we believe and we climb: Dreams do come true.

See you Saturday – COME ON YOU STAGS!