Mansfield Town turn down bids for Rhys Bennett and Alex MacDonald

Mansfield Town have received bids for several of their first team squad players as deadline day approaches, including Rhys Bennett and Alex MacDonald.

Friday, 25th August 2017, 8:34 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:28 pm
Mansfield Town vs Nottingham Forest - Rhys Bennett - Pic By James Williamson

But manager Steve Evans poured scorn on some of the approaches made and has no intention of letting anyone out unless they want to go.

“Clubs have come forward,” he admitted.

“But if I wanted to go and buy a nice Rolls Royce I can’t turn up at the garage with £5,000 can I? They would look at me as if I am senile.

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“You have to be able to afford who you pick up the phone for or have a chance of doing it.

“So those that want to go quietly and leak information out that they’ve got an interest in a player need to get the offers right.”

“We have had bids for three or four players, not just Rhys.

He added: “I think there are one or two clubs that don’t realise Alex MacDonald has not been playing because he’s been injured.

“They are saying he’s not in my plans and they want to make me an offer.

“He can’t be in my plans if he’s in the treatment room. “So some clubs should be more diligent and do their research before they come on the phone to an experienced manager.”

Evans wants to keep his squad as strong as possible

“We don’t want to lose players with no emergency loans available and have to look to kids to come in when we’re in pressure situations.

“If the kids are good enough they will get in. But we don’t want to be forcing them in and blooding them too young, forcing them into a situation that could ruin them forever.

“I want to keep all our first team group as long as I can. But we have always said to them if they are not happy, they’re not playing and they want to go, come and knock on the door and, if people are sensible, we’ll move you on.

“We only want players that want to play for Mansfield Town.

“Dare I say they should be throwing their bodies in front of cars on the motorway to be playing for Mansfield Town, such is the project we’ve got here, not only for this season but for two or three seasons ahead under the chairman.”