Mansfield Town fans divided over booing following FA Cup win

Stags are booed after the final whistle.
Stags are booed after the final whistle.

Mansfield Town’s supporters are divided over the booing of their players and manager after Saturday 1-0 FA Cup win over National League strugglers Chorley.

Stags dominated possession and stayed patient, but found the non-leaguers a tough nut to finally crack until Nicky Maynard’s 81st minute winner.

On another day that may have provided relief all round and applause at the final whistle.

But, on the back of poor recent home form, a larger-than-expected section of fans took their opportunity to let the club know what they thought of things.

The One said: “The atmosphere is toxic because of JD and his negative tactics and style of play.”

Adamstags said: “The boos at the end were entirely justified though, it was frustration over not just today’s latest dire showing but about the dross that’s been served up at home this season.”

Wink68 said: “If you don’t show your frustration then nothing will change and we will all be smiling and clapping as we slip back into the pit of misery.”

WVStag said: “That’s how football fans communicate their unrest and disapproval.

“If the Radford’s pick up on it and remove JD then I’d say that it’s quite productive.

“Before someone says ‘that’s hounding someone out and that’s unacceptable’, first of all, it’s not, and second of all, the fans have a right to boo, to communicate their annoyance at what’s going on at the moment.

“I don’t think anyone can argue against the notion that most fans carry that Dempster needs removing.”

NG17 Stag said: “Ignoring the one or two which might shout abusive things, how can they not expect boo’s/Dempster out chants when they’re a team expected to finish top three by ourselves and the bookies, but sat 10 points and 10 teams off.”

Georgefostersbeard said: “It is the end of a run of 11 months during which we have gone from being in top three to complete capitulation, throwing away our best chance of promotion to and staying in League One, the whole Bury and Bolton debacle, a strange sacking of the manager and then everything since then.

“Everything has just made the Dempster experience even more toxic.”

However, Dylster said: “I accept fully that people who take time out to spend their money and support the Stags at the ground have the right to objective criticism.

“But over the last few weeks that objectiveness has literally disappeared and been replaced by outright abuse. By half-time the abuse, and that is the only way to describe, it had reached fever pitch.

“I know this season has been frustrating and at times worse than that, but to hear Stags’ fans loudly boo a win, a win for God sake! “Some of you are wondering why our home form is so poor, seriously!

“I freely admitted we were poor and need to do better.

“But to shout out the sort of abuse we witnessed today and indeed in previous home games is not support, it is negative and bound to have an effect on the players.”

Amber Andy added: “We are back to the later days of PC and AM when the Neanderthals made the stadium a horrible toxic place to be in.

“The football is very poor at the moment but by giving players two opponents to contend with, (the opposition and some of our crowd ), it simply makes their task harder.

“It won’t be the poor football that stops me going, it will be the awful abusive atmosphere in the stadium.”

Yorkstag said: “Some of the negativity is driven by the same people who are serial whiners.

“To openly want the club to lose with the related financial impact, to suggest fans stay away, to criticise the Radford, to clearly not want JD to succeed is not support. The abuse is not in my view acceptable

“Am I happy? No. Do I think JD can turn it around? Need to see some signs soon.

“But I think it is sad that having given so much and developed the academy some want him unemployed at this time of year. That could happen but it’s something I hope we can avoid.”