Mansfield Town announce new backroom set-up after trio leave

Drewe Broughton in his playing days for MK Dons.
Drewe Broughton in his playing days for MK Dons.

Mansfield Town have outlined their new backroom set-up after showing three staff members the door last week.

Goalkeeper coach Ian Pledger, fitness coach Daryl Taylor and senior performance analyst Dan Ashby were all been released from their contracts.

Current No.1 Conrad Logan will be the new goalkeeping coach, head of recruitment Andy Burgess will look after scouting and match analysis while new recruit Drewe Broughton will help with on-field coaching and off-field psychological help for players and staff.

“Moving forward, Conrad Logan will lead the goalkeepers. He is a very experienced player and does have coaching experience too,” said boss John Dempster, who felt the set-up needed freshening up after a disappointing start to the season.

“Andrew Burgess has managed to set up a scouting strategy that covers games nationwide at different levels which is not at massive cost to the club.

“That is brilliant and one of the reasons why I brought him in as not only does know the game he is also a very intelligent person who has put that in place.

“He will now take the lead on some of the more analytical work.”

Dempster was particularly excited by the qualities offered by ex-striker Broughton.

“Drewe Broughton has a vast experience in football from playing which led him into the fitness work and more of the physical side of the game as he retired,” he said.

“That later led him into the work he has been doing recently, working with players from the mental point of view.

“He will add value in both of those departments. He will lead things like warm-ups, the S&C sessions we do on a Tuesday and Thursday with his own twist on those, and also provide support for players and staff by being someone you can go and talk to.

“He is someone who will bring energy to the group and someone who is quite inspiring when he speaks.

“He is a great person to have around and someone I can bounce ideas off. He will challenge me and challenge other staff.

“It brings a fresh impetus to what I felt needed freshening up.”

Dempster said Broughton’s own experiences in the game will serve him well in helping others with problems.

“He is a voice and very, very positive,” said Dempster.

“When he played he was known as a bit of a hatchet man if I am being honest. He was someone you didn’t want to play against as he was very aggressive.

“But he had a lot of demons so he can relate to players and how they are feeling.

“Players sometimes put a facade on when they are really struggling. He will bring confidence and motivation to the group.”

He added: “We have changed our training timetable slightly where Draw will work with the players sometimes, not only out on the pitch but also inside the wonderful facilities we have here in the R&H Academy.

“We will make use of the staff and get the best out of them and, in turn, we’ll get the best out of the players.”