Lapses in critical moments proving so costly for improving Mansfield Town believes midfield ace Neal Bishop

Neal Bishop.
Neal Bishop.

Mansfield Town midfielder Neal Bishop said lapses in critical moments were hampering the club’s fight to get their season going.

Stags conceded late goals in both halves at Port Vale on Saturday where an otherwise excellent performance saw them only take home a point in a 2-2 draw.

“I think the performance merited three points, but in stoppage time at the end of both halves we’ve been punished,” he said.

“We have to be better in those critical moments because we’re being punished for everything we’re doing slightly wrong. On the whole, for both halves, it was probably our best performance of the season.

“It’s probably not good enough points-wise but there’s signs we’re starting to put it right.




“We should have started whenever the season did, but we haven’t, so we’re putting it right now.

“There’s been some words from the coaching staff to give us everything we need to go out there and play, it’s down to us as players.

“Everything’s in place for us we just need to start picking up points and wins. Hopefully we keep producing these performances week in, week out but it’s just the critical moments that are killing us at the minute.

“It’s positive but the overriding performance in the dressing room is disappointment.”

Bishop said the players were starting to trust one another more and that had heavily contributed to what he felt was the best performance this season to date at Vale Park.

“We’re good players and we got the majority of our success last season when we were brave and trusted each other on the ball,” he said.

“We’re playing in a similar way, with a similar team, we’ve just got to trust each other.

“The last couple of games we’ve been moving the ball through the thirds. We need to learn and we need to learn quickly because we’re starting on a handicap.

“We know where we want to get to, and today is a start performance-wise, but we’re disappointed not to come away with the three points.

“We’ve performed really well and not come away with three points against a side who, I think, have one of the best home records in the league this calendar year.

“There are positives but you hope performances like that turn out in better results.”