“Immense pride” of Mansfield Town chairman John Radford at community, family-friendly trailblazing

Mansfield Town chairman John Radford.'PHOTO: Anne Shelley
Mansfield Town chairman John Radford.'PHOTO: Anne Shelley

Mansfield Town are now seen as a trailblazer for some of their work, including their award-winning community initiatives.

Chairman John Radford highlighted progress off the field at the club’s annual awards dinner and said it was now “better placed to climb up the football ladder.”

“Strong foundations are in place here at Mansfield Town. Where in the past the club has lagged behind other teams, now in certain areas we are trailblazers,” he said.

“We are becoming known for supporting the community which supports us.

“Our central ethics as a family-friendly club stems from the top — from me and Carolyn (chief executive). We are family people and you are our football family.

“For us to be named as family club of the year for League Two fills me with immense pride. We are not only attracting a new generation of Stags fans, we are engaging with them. They are our future and we are building a club they can be proud of.”

Radford revealed that average home attendances this season were the highest in 15 years.

“Make no mistake, this club is on the up and we will continue to strive to be the best that we can be in every area,” he added.

“Elsewhere we have seen the links strengthened between our academy and first team. The pathway from our youth to the senior side is now open.

“These last few years many of you have offered kind words of thanks to me but I wish to say the same to you — my gratitude stems to the staff, the management team whose work you may not see, but their efforts are at the heart of the club’s progress.

“Our board of directors have a mix of qualities which complement each other. They’re aided in the direction in which Carolyn and I wish to take our club.

“To our commercial sponsors and partners throughout the season, I have appreciated your backing.”