23 Sep 2000: Michael Boulding of Mansfield Town in action during the Nationwide Leage Division Three match against Hartlepool United at Field Mill, in Mansfield, England. Mansfield Town won the match 4-3. \ Photo taken by Mike Finn-Kelcey \ Mandatory Credit: Allsport UK /Allsport

How many of these players can you remember signing for Mansfield Town 15 years ago?

Stags finished the 2006–07 season 17th in League Two with 54 points.

It was a season which some notable names join the club – as well as some that won’t live long in the club’s history. But how many of these players do you remember joining the club and how did they fare?

And if you like this, then see how many of these players you can remember joining Mansfield a decade ago under Paul Cox.

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