Extra backing for Mansfield Town at Wembley from neighbouring Nottingham Forest fans

Mansfield Town are hoping to pick up some extra support from Nottingham Forest fans to help cheer them up into League One on Saturday.

Wednesday, 25th May 2022, 4:55 pm

Just 24 hours after Stags' showdown with Port Vale, the Reds from down the road will take on Huddersfield Town in a sold-out game for a hallowed place in the Premier League.

And with many Forest fans making a weekend of it in the capital, boss Nigel Clough, himself an ex-Forest star, is hoping they could swell the numbers in the Stags end of Wembley and raise the noise levels even further.

“I have spoken to a lot of people and they seem to be going to both games,” said Clough.

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With their own Wembley final booked for 24 hours, some Nottingham Forest fans are buying tickets to cheer on the Stags as well.

“I think there is a big overlap. People don't realise that when we were at Forest and doing really well, a lot of people adopted Mansfield as their second club.

“There is no rivalry or anything. It's just a good crossover and I think a lot of people will take advantage this weekend and go to both games, which would be great.

“It will boost our crowd and whet their appetite for the game on the Sunday.

“Having both clubs there boosts everybody in the area, two out the three teams going to Wembley is lovely.”

He added: “It would have been great if Notts County could have got through a very dramatic, typical play-off game on Monday night at Meadow Lane which ended in disappointment.”

Clough also expects the Wembley trip to further expand the club's growing fan base.

“It is always an added bonus that with a big cup game or a play-off final, you will take people down because of the venue and the nature of the game,” he said.

“Our average crowds are up this season and you hope next season we can keep adding that five to 10 per cent. That's how you grow the club. By growing the fan base on days like Saturday.

“We have Forest down the road and your big Premier League boys as well.

“But you keep picking up a few and you want them to feel proud wearing the shirt.”

Clough said a Wembley final was a just reward for all the miles the club have done this season.

“There are not many local games for us in League Two, so we have done some miles this season, as have the supporters,” he said.

“We've been up to Barrow and Colchester in midweek, Hartlepool in midweek – there has been a lot of travelling.

“So this is a reward for everybody, especially the fans. But I can't stress enough. We are not going for a weekend out. It's only a reward if we win.

Clough's hopes for increased support were shared by striker Jordan Bowery, who said: “It will be amazing support for us and, with Forest playing the day after, hopefully we can get some Forest fans there as well to push the numbers up.”