Delighted Mansfield Town continue to stretch new season ticket sales record

As Mansfield Town look forward to Thursday's release of the 2022/23 League Two fixtures, fans continue to set a new club record for season ticket sales with numbers past the 3,100 mark already.

Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 4:51 pm

Last season's 2,861 season tickets was the best since club records were formed and, after a memorable season, this summer Stags passed the 2,000 mark in the first five days.

CEO David Sharpe: “It's phenomenal. I thought we'd get to that mark if we got into League One.

“So I have been taken by surprise, but it just shows the momentum that we've gathered from the last six months and from the ease of being able to purchase a season ticket now.

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David Sharpe - delighted with sales so far.

“I'm a big advocate of purchasing season tickets online.

“The fact that you can just log in on your phone or at home on your laptop, iPad and do it within five minutes is so much more convenient. To be honest, the system we have now should have been in place a long time ago.

“On the new Quarry Lane pricing structure, we wanted to appeal to families and younger people and try to get them on board.

“We realise we've now got a Premier League club not too far away from here so we have to do everything we can to attract new supporters.”

On setting a new club record for season ticket sales, he said: “It's probably the Nigel Clough factor as well - having a manager with his name and not just that, we backed it up on the pitch as well.

“Hopefully the supporters have realised what could be in store for next season and hopefully we'll repay their faith and their support.

“We've still got quite a while to go until the 'Early Bird' offer finishes. We're at over 3,100 so we've still got a bit of time to get to that 3,500 mark.

“I thought we'd always get high twos (2,000) in League Two but I'm pleasantly surprised and thankful for the support.”

Sharpe added: “The fixtures will be coming out on Thursday morning so there will be big excitement in the town and the supporters will be excited to see who we get. Roll on the 30th of July.”