Craig North’s Nottingham Forest FC blog: Be careful what you wish for

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AS Saturday’s game with Birmingham draws closer, I can’t help but think back to the last time we faced the same opposition at the City Ground, and how different things will be.

Despite it feeling like a lifetime ago with events since, it is hard to believe it is less than a year since Forest slumped to a pathetic defeat leading to the sacking of manager Steve McClaren and the resignation of owner Nigel Doughty from his position as chairman.

A day that ended as one of the most dramatic in the club’s history began as several hundred fans swarmed the Main Stand car park, armed with green and white scarfs, hell bent on the removal of pantomime villain, chief executive Mark Arthur. Despite the more significant departures, Arthur survived, and later told fans to “be careful what you wish for”.

I found this an odd statement. As a fan I always have three wishes; to have a team to be proud of, a manager who knows what he is doing, and senior management who make the correct footballing decisions investing at the right time. Before the last Birmingham game, none of these wishes were being fulfilled, but as we approach Saturday’s game, all of these wishes have come true.

No one can deny Nigel Doughty’s love for Forest but it was clear when it came to investing at the right time based on sound footballing logic, and appointing the right managers, he was unfortunately found wanting. It is early days, but the Al-Hasawi family can do no wrong in the eyes of supporters at the moment. Ignoring calls for a ‘name’ and appointing a Manager who insists on football being played the right way, whilst supplying him with the funds to build a squad we can be proud of, it is safe to say that there won’t be any green and white scarfs on display this weekend.

Whatever the result on Saturday, the club is moving in the right direction and the fans have what they wished for. The only other wish that I have is that Nigel Doughty was still here as a fan to enjoy it.