Clipstone confident clubs will survive volunteer crisis in non-league football

Officials at Clipstone are confident non-league clubs will continue to survive the threat caused by a shortage of volunteers.

Clipstone are fighting hard to build strong foundations on and off the pitch.
Clipstone are fighting hard to build strong foundations on and off the pitch.

Local league clubs across the country are continuing to rely on an ever ageing and all too small base of volunteers.

There are now fears that some clubs will be forced to close if they run out of volunteers to keep the club going.

“There is still a future for clubs and we are not downbeat at Clipstone, ” said Clipstone’s media volunteer Jim McIntosh.

“There are no concerns about the future, but we are aware we have to look out for new pairs of hands.

“You lose volunteers through health matters and that will always be a challenge at our level of football.”

At Clipstone the club has a strong team of volunteers at the junior Clipstone Colts side.

But they are in need of more hands to assist with the everyday behind-the-scenes jobs that keep the senior side going.

“In general there is a lack of volunteers at senior level,” he said. “Even at our level there are jobs seven days a week, whether that be ground and pitch maintenance or washing the kit.

“A lot of work goes into keeping the place tidy, emptying the bins and things like that - it all has to be done.

“We would like to have a few extra pairs of hands. It gives a chance to meet people and mix socially. When people are sitting at home and wanting company, then this is one side of volunteering that can be beneficial.

“Volunteering doesn’t just have to be a Saturday, We have jobs to do all through the week.”