CATLING'S CORNER STAGS BLOG: Good start for Dieseruvwe

After having a week's break after the Bristol Rovers defeat we got back to business this week at the home of football against Portsmouth.

Mansfield Town v Portsmouth on Saturday March 19th 2016. Stags player Matt Green scores. Photo: Chris Etchells
Mansfield Town v Portsmouth on Saturday March 19th 2016. Stags player Matt Green scores. Photo: Chris Etchells

We began the week with the news of the the signing of Emmanuel Dieseruvwe from our rivals down the road.

Now to start off with I, like many Stags fans, would question a player from the Spireites playing for us.

But he did do quite well and he set Greenie up for his goal - so welcome to the Stags (Mani) - and for obvious reasons I’m not going to say his last name again.

I must admit I did enjoy a really good game but it was ruined by once again another referee who was an absolute joke - maybe the worst ref we have had this season, and as I have said in previous blogs they are at Stags every week.

It was a story of two good teams playing each other and one which we could have easily won on another day if the ref had been a little bit decent.

Krystian Pearce was my man of the match. I thought he was absolutely fantastic and if I was Murray I’d be trying to give him a new contract now.

Mitchell Rose would have been my second choice as he also played well and he was looking back to the player he was earlier in the season.

To be honest with you, you wouldn’t have said Portsmouth was in front of us in the table.

If anything you’d have said we were where they are in the league.

I have heard from a close friend that after the game they were moaning that we was too physical.

What a laugh! Every time we went near them they went rolling round on the floor moaning to the ref.

On another day, as I have quoted above if we would of had a decent ref ,we could have had two penalties of our own as there were a few incidents where he got it completely wrong for us.

So to summarise, it was a good performance and a good match. We looked a lot better with the two up front as most of us fans know we are.

We looked like we could score with a threat back nearly all over the pitch, so please Muzza don’t go back to the one up top and keep up the good work.

This week, with the potential of a Premier League striker coming in it might very well be a very good game at Wycombe on Friday.

So an early Happy Easter to people and come on Adam Murray’s barmy army and COYS.