Brunts Old Boys staring extinction in the face

BRUNTS Old Boys could fold after 90 years this summer unless they can quickly find a manager, secretary and new players.

Current secretary Jamie Reid is in the RAF and will be heading for his second tour of Afghanistan from six months from this August.

Manager Stephan Frost has run the side for the past two seasons but has decided to quit partly in view of not having the support of a secretary which Jamie has done for the last two seasons.

Damon Hill, father of Jamie and a previous Brunts manager of six years, said: “It would be the club’s 90th year in the MAA this year so it would be an absolute shame for all involved in the league and local football if such an established club was to fold after so many successful years.

“So the club would like to put out a plea of help to any ex-players or managers new or old to come and take over the club.

“They do have the ground and a full team willing to sign and play if the right management can be found.”

Last season Brunts finished seventh after an up and down season.

With five players in the forces it can cause unforeseen problems if all are posted or on base at the same time.

The season before they finished third and were challenging for the tittle until the final few games.

“When the core of the team is away it really upsets the balance of play,” said Damon. “I ran the club for six years and feel a duty to hand it in good health to someone else after the enjoyment it has given me.

“Even their greatest rivals OEs stand to lose their nemesis and local derby if the Brunts were to fold.

“I’d like to think when I’m in my retirement years that I could go and watch the Brunts with a sense of pride that they have hit a 100 year landmark

“Brunts Old Boys are the oldest club in the county, and certainly in the MAA league, and if this name was to disappear from local football it would be devastating. So many teams have expressed remorse in view of the plight of the club.

“I can’t run it currently because of family and work commitments or I would.

“As a good custodian of the club I would like to do my very best to appoint a new manager and secretary. The club has kit, nets, a ground and at least eight players who will sign if the right management team can be found.”

Anyone interested can call Damon on 07889 634253.