Brett Marshall shocked after being ejected by former club Clipstone

Former Clipstone chairman Brett Marshall said he was shocked to be turned away from his old club in midweek after bringing the Cobras major success over the previous two years.

Staveley vs Chesterfield - Brett Marshall - Photo By James Williamson
Staveley vs Chesterfield - Brett Marshall - Photo By James Williamson

Marshall, now managing fellow NCEL Premier Division club Staveley MW, claims he was asked to leave by current Clipstone chairman Dave Paling after paying to get into Tuesday night’s 2-2 draw with Handsworth Parramore.

However, Paling claims: “I am on holiday. I wasn’t at the game. I know nothing about this, but it sounds made up.”

Marshall, who has also managed clubs like Hucknall Town, Retford and Southwell City, countered: “I am not blind. Dave was at the game and he was the one who gave me my money back. It is very disappointing. I don’t think we’ve ever been friends, however, I don’t have a problem with him.”

Marshall said Staveley had now complained to the FA about his treatment and Clipstone would end up having to answer a charge over the incident.

He said: “Local banter and friction between football clubs is fine until it gets to a certain level and this has gone below that for me and it’s silly. What have I done that’s that bad?

“I went along to the game as I only live five minutes away in Mansfield and went to meet my head coach at the ground.

“I paid my £5 to the gateman, then Dave Paling came over and said ‘give Brett his money back, he is not welcome’ so I left the ground. I didn’t argue.

“I got my money back and went off to watch Shirebrook, who after 20 years of great banter with them, made me very welcome. It is the truth – I don’t tell lies. Dave Paling was at that game.”

When Marshall left Clipstone as Toolsport Northern Counties East League Division One champions, he was publicly thanked by the Cobras for his contribution.

He said: “I left in May after the team had just won the league. I did everything I promised to do there. I always said I would be there two years but I stayed for 27 months. I have them three months notice in February and did everything properly and professionally.

“I raised the profile of the club, the facilities, and the stability and finances of the club and I was appreciated by virtually everybody there.

“I had two job offers and decided to take the Staveley one, which I felt was right for me, and I moved on.

“Every club I’ve been at in the past have always treated me nicely when I have returned because I did things right and professionally when I was with them.

“Banter is banter. But there have been a few niggles over the last few months – a few jibes on social media – which I’ve ignored. Also, any trace of my time at Clipstone on Wikipedia has been erased. And my company boards at the ground have been pulled down and dismantled, which I can accept.

“99 per cent of social media actually say they can’t believe the situation and I feel sorry for the other people at Clipstone like Barry Clarke, who has been there so long.

“I don’t understand this personal thing with myself.

“The club was on its knees when I went there, it had disciplinary problems and no success on the field. I was chairman but also acted as manager and we qualified for the FA Cup for the first time in over 80 years. The following season I brought in a manager who did an excellent job and we won the league. It was a job well done by everybody.”

He added: “Some people have said I never put any money into the club and I have always said I never put any of my own money in. But look round the ground at the advertising boards and see they are food-related. I have been in the food industry for 20 years now and they are all manufacturers or restaurants, sponsors I brought in.

“Yes I am vocal and I am opinionated – that’s not a bad thing – and I am well respected in the local football community.

“I am very, very disappointed and some people have very, very short memories.”