Boss John Dempster thanks Mansfield Town fans for sticking behind him after difficult start

Mansfield boss John Dempster applauds the away fans.
Mansfield boss John Dempster applauds the away fans.

Rookie boss John Dempster has thanked the vast majority of Mansfield Town’s supporters for their backing of him during a difficult opening month of the season.

With a new manager, some new faces and new ideas, Mansfield were without 10 players through injury and suspension in the opening weeks and have won just two of their first 12 matches.

However, the rookie boss believes his side have now turned the corner as form has improved as players have returned and said of the fans: “How we were supported last Saturday from the Amber & Blue army was incredible. “The noise they made sounded like thousands and they send a real shiver up the spine when they are at full voice.

“It makes a massive difference to the players.


“I do understand the frustrations and that some people might not fully believe. But what I would ask for is their full backing for the players.

“I know it’s down to us to make them come with us and give them something to sing about. That is our responsibility without a doubt.”

He added: “When it was echoing around Port Vale’s stadium you could even see the bench looking at each other. It was fantastic and brought back memories for me of the big games I played in for the club.

“When I first took the job I spoke about making memories and being honest the first 10 games have not been good enough.

“But I feel confident and positive and will embrace the next 10 games. I have faith we have turned the corner and will be successful.”

Dempster came in for some vile personal abuse from a small number of fans after the home defeat by Cambridge and said: “I was disappointed with myself after the Cambridge game because I mentioned a couple of idiots who probably don’t deserve the airtime.

“What I should be talking about is the supporters who are real.

“I am not just talking about people who are positive about me.

“We have some real supporters who maybe don’t quite believe at this moment in time - but they are willing me to do well.

“They have got their opinion, which they are entitled to. That’s fine.

“There are also wonderful people around the club who back me to the hilt – and I am not just talking about the owners and the board.

“After the Cambridge game I was coming off to some abuse and little Anne in the office was squaring up to fully grown men.

“Danielle, who works around the ground, came in on Monday morning to make sure I am okay. It’s people like that you want to do well for, not just yourself.

“To say I have learned a lot and experienced a lot would be an understatement.”