Angry scenes as Stags boss Evans is forced the run the gauntlet with Grimsby fans after '˜sending-off'

Mansfield Town manager Steve Evans found himself in the dressing room for his own protection before the end of today's fiery 3-0 defeat at Grimsby Town.

Mansfield Town Manager Steve Evans 
Picture by Dan Westwell
Mansfield Town Manager Steve Evans Picture by Dan Westwell

Evans had been sent to the stand after an argument with the fourth official in a game in which Hayden White was also red-carded.

But Evans was given no protection in the stand where he suffered some dreadful abuse from home fans and decided to walk away from it before things got out of hand.

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Evans had already unsuccessfully tried to get ref Seb Stockbridge removed from the game earlier in the week after bad experiences with him earlier in the season.

Now he will await the fall-out of an afternoon to forget for Mansfield, who are still in seventh place.

On his sending into the stand in the second half, Evans said: “I asked the fourth official if he could ask the referee a question during the game. He said he wasn’t prepared to do that.

“I said I’ll phone your boss on Monday and see if he’s prepared to answer it. That was exactly the tone and language. But he just said I am not being threatened, you’re going up in the stand.

“So I had to do that and we’ll see what the people say.”

Things then rapidly deteriorated for Evans as he was left to run the gauntlet of sitting with the home fans.

“They offered me the opportunity to sit with the Grimsby press which I didn’t think was fair really, so I asked to go on the far side, which I was refused to do,” he explained.

“When there was 10 minutes left and we were 3-0 down I took the opportunity to take myself away from the situation and sat downstairs waiting for the players to come in.”

No one knew what the red card to Hayden White was given fo,r but Evans said: “He told me he’d said to the referee on the penalty that his view was that Mal Benning slipped and it was a shocking decision.

“For the referee to then give someone their second yellow and send them off for that is hard to take.

“But it’s the same referee we had at Carlisle and we tried to get him removed from the game early in the week which was refused.

“They will probably give him us in two weeks time again won’t they? That’s what they tend to do.”

Evans made two changes to his line-up and said: “I think we got the decisions right on the team today. It’s always a tough place to come and with the benefit of hindsight, it’s easy to make decisions.

“But we should have turned the half 2-0 up and you can’t miss chances in the middle of the goal from six yards.

“We won’t get too down. We’ve been on a nine-game unbeaten run until today and we will look to start another on Saturday.

“We don’t let ourselves down losing to Grimsby at Blundell Park, it’s always a tough place to go. We let ourselves down by drawing at home on Tuesday.

“Looking at results today we are very much still in the hunt and still in the play-offs by default.

“We’ve come a million miles but we have only come three steps out of 15 and we’ve got along way to go.”

He continued: “There were three chances in that first half, they took advantage of their chance and we missed two.

“At the start of the second half again there is nothing in the game, but we missed two headers we should score and then we paid the price by being sloppy in the middle of the park and allowing people to run into the box.

“The third one, Mal’s just had a rush of blood to the head and given a penalty away – no complaints with that. So it looks worse than what it is. We will regroup and move forward.”