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SAM RUSH was appointed as the new chief executive of Derby County in the new year to take over from Tom Glick who has taken up a similar role at Manchester City.

Previously employed by the Wasserman Group, Glick has been involved in transfer negotiations of many high-profile players therefore his appointment was seen as a bit of a coup for Derby.

Since taking up the role of chief executive, Rush has already had dialogue with Rams fans.

Apart from holding the first in what is promised to be a series of forums, he also recently spent an hour taking calls from listeners on BBC Radio Derby’s Sportscene Talk-in.

This has met with a mixed response from fans. While some liked what they heard, others were not won over saying that it was the same sort of noises by Tom Glick.

Many points were raised including transfers and funds to enable Nigel Clough to strengthen the squad.

Also, there was a questions raised about the futures of Derby’s most saleable assets like Will Hughes, Jeff Hendrick and John Brayford.

It’s no secret that these players have many admirers, but Sam Rush made it clear that no one would be sold on the cheap and that players would only be sold in the interests of the club.

One would presume this means for large fees that would enable the manager to have funds to sign players that he wants to bring in.

There are many false stories circulating that Derby’s owners don’t have the funds to finance transfers.

Nothing could be further than the truth. Jeff Mallett is a co-founder of Yahoo, Brett Wilson, and Tom Ricketts are just three of the investors of the GSE group which owns the club.

It’s fair to say they are loaded. However, Sam Rush made it quite clear that they are not prepared to throw money around recklessly.

Leicester City recently announced losses of around £30m for last season.

Nigel Clough has worked wonders on a shoestring budget and will be allowed to spend any income from sales on new signings.

In the days of clubs regularly reporting large losses, perhaps it is refreshing to hear of some financial common sense.

Promotion brings the riches of Premier League money, but also provides clubs with the challenge of staying there. When you see clubs relegated with wage bills of £50m not surviving, it is only the foolhardy who don’t have a thought out strategy looking beyond the oncoming season.

GSE has a strategy, and although the journey to the top flight is taking longer than both they and the Derby fans would like, perhaps those impatient for Premier League Football would be advised to reflect on the last embarrassing campaign, where the club was subjected to ridicule, which was down to short term, fast fixes and without due planning.

Sam Rush has barely been in the job five minutes. Perhaps fans should afford him some time and recognise that he has already attempted to engage with fans, unlike many others in his position.