Alfreton Town chairman pleads patience

Wayne Bradley
Wayne Bradley

Alfreton Town chairman Wayne Bradley has urged the club’s supporters to show faith and be patient as the club continue to work hard towards the new season.

The Reds chief understands there are bound to be some frustrations following the departure of some of last season’s squad, the most recent being Josh Law who has signed for Scottish Premier League side Motherwell.

However, Mr Bradley insists the club could not possibly be trying any harder with their plans for the 2014/15 Conference Premier Division season.

“We obviously have our own targets and are talking to players every single day, making offers to them, and all the majority of them will do is somewhere along the line, wait for a better offer to come in,” said Mr Bradley.

“We could not be any busier if we tried, and I am asking the fans to be patient and show us some trust and faith. We have many irons in the fire and I am confident in many of our targets joining us.

“There will be players who will go and yet we are being asked to announce a retained list when we are still talking to people to try and get them to stop with us!

“It is fair to say there won’t be a single player who leaves Alfreton who won’t have been offered terms by the club and that was the same last season.

“You have to accept that the player has a limited span of career and wants to do the best for himself and his family. There is no negativity, it is a matter of fact, and fans have to accept that.

“Things are also quickly forgotten, and it is only a couple of weeks ago that manager Nicky Law signed a new deal to extend his stay with the club.

“We are at that quiet time of the season and we simply have to accept Alfreton have to wait for the right type of player to come along but we are not going to change the way we do business.

“Until we have physically negotiated, agreed terms with, and actually signed someone, there is no point in announcing what we are going to do or not going to do with whichever target we are in contact with.

“These things take time and I think I am correct in saying that Alfreton Town have never ever signed a player in May for the following season. Any club doing that at this time of year is paying absolute top dollar for them any way and we refuse to use up valuable budget money unnecessarily. We cannot compete at that level of finance. What would supporters want us to do, break the bank?

“Players come and go, but one thing we have seen regularly every season since I have been here, is that there will be people coming in who will become the new household names and heroes to Alfreton fans,” he added.

An example of the club’s policy of waiting for the right player at the right time was the signing of last season’s top scorer John Akinde.

The powerhouse striker was only actually signed on the day of the first game of the season at Dartford and didn’t make his debut until the first home game a few days later.