Exactly how did Stags not reach the Football League?

Let’s get one thing straight right from the start. Life as a Mansfield Town fan is never boring but May 2012 has been a monster month whichever way you flip your coin.

A simply stunning finale to the regular season saw our beloved Stags smash practically everyone out of sight on route to what looked an unstoppable surge back into the promised land of the Football League.

Step forward York City. Generally visits to Bootham Crescent are pleasant ones, the local fish ‘n’ chip guy freaks out every time Mansfield arrive as he has to cook more than three fishes in an afternoon, the inhumane loos actually have a roof in 2012 and we usually end up settling for a draw.

Yet play-offs are different gravy. Every man and his dog attends, the chip shop queue is beyond belief and you can taste the tension.

We net from a missile launched from Big X and all is well with the world. Then the referee starts flashing yellows at the ambers and the fear factor rises. Big X slices into his own net and the inevitable draw is back on.

The stage is perfectly set up for someone to step up and make a name for himself.

Sadly, for those of us with amber blood the referee morphs into the joker and decides to become the first referee of the season to send off Matt Green. Ridiculously harsh in my view.

Yes I am completely biased and I make no apology for that. Onto the second leg, and after surviving the One Call Stadium seat scramble, the team news zips through and we line up somewhat cautiously.

Many have said since “what happened to the side that skinned Kidderminster pre play-offs and why did we not launch all-out attack at home from the start?” We had finished above York and had nothing to be afraid of.

Did we need to play chess with them and try to nick a winner? That said, if somebody had said at Christmas we would go on a Champions League-style run and rack up 89 points and a third placed finish I would have sent for the yellow van! So close but yet so far.

All the victories at the places we never win at like Barrow and Wrexham and yet we have to start again.

Surely we need three up three down sooner rather than later? How can it be right three go up automatically from League Two yet just the one from the BSP? Wrexham on 98 points and still don’t make it. Hello?

I must admit to hoping Luton smashed York in the final, partly through my desire to remove Luton from this league as I rate Paul Buckle and reckon they will be a great threat come August. I also wanted that York keeper to suffer.

Yet York and their amazingly paltry 6,500 fans at Wembley sneaked through on a ridiculously-blatant offside goal. Talk about getting every decision in the play-offs! Yet they won the trophy and promotion in the same season and however you spin that one respect has to creep through.

Throw in the odd arrest, controversially-priced £45/£50 a ticket for the end-of-season dinner and the Rhys Day testimonial and the Stags’ season is stretched a little further.

Surely then we can hibernate a little and look forward to the Euros? Hell no, this is the roller-coaster scorcher than is Mansfield Town FC and four of the directors quit the board.

Whatever your view, surely it has to be right to sincerely thank each and every one of them for their contribution to our great club. So what happens next?

Will Big X sign for the Super Stags in the summer or spend July throwing the shot putt in the Olympics instead? Will we sign the two big money prolific strikers that will help us win the BSP next season?

Will Micky Moore be back in his day job after the ending of his career break or will he be in the Stags dug out in August?

Thankfully as promised the club have reviewed the 10 to 16 pricing structure on the back of fan feedback so the One Call won`t be kid free next season!

Only football? Closed season? Not a chance!

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