Captain Billy Godleman backs Derbyshire to cope with hectic workload

Billy Godleman is confident Derbyshire will be able to manage the workloads of the players during the condensed 2020 season.

Derbyshire captain Billy Godleman is confident the county will cope with the hectic schedule ahead.
Derbyshire captain Billy Godleman is confident the county will cope with the hectic schedule ahead.

The new campaign is set to begin at the start of next month, with both red ball and white ball fixtures taking place throughout August and September.

The Derbyshire skipper told BBC Radio Derby that he will be working closely with the coaches and medical staff to ensure that the bowlers are given the best possible chance to succeed, through managing their game time.

“It’s a hot topic at the moment,” Godleman added.

“Across the last decade, it has really been scrutinised in terms of the varying amounts that bowlers can bowl and their workload, to give them the best chance to perform and also avoid getting injured.

“With this condensed period, it really heightens that, but we have a fantastic Sports Science and Medical team at the club, and we’ve got some really experienced coaches.

“That, aligned with my communication with the bowlers directly, I’m confident we can make sure guys are playing enough cricket, but not bowling them into the ground.

“I think the guys are just really excited to get back out there and do what we love, which is to play cricket.

“When you think back to where we were even six weeks ago, to think we would be playing professional cricket from the first of August is something everyone within the game would have taken with both hands.”

Meanwhile, batting coach Mal Loye has been left impressed by Derbyshire’s batsmen since their return to training.

The club have been stepping up their pre-season preparations ahead of the new season on 1st August.

And Loye, Assistant Coach (Batting Lead, says he is delighted by the progress so far.

“I’ve been quite surprised by our batters, because it hasn’t taken them long at all to get up to speed,” said Loye.

“I would have thought they would have been a bit more rusty.

“The bowling is a little bit different, because they have got to get their overs in, and get the time in their legs. I think the batting has been a little bit easier for those skills and preparation.

“I’m very pleased by the way it hasn’t taken the players long to get back into it.”

“The closer we get to the start date we will look at game practice and time in the middle.

“I am very pleased with how fast the players have got into it and up to speed.

“Hopefully we will have luck on our side and we wont have injuries. It is going to be a pretty hectic schedule.”

Derbyshire will travel to Lancashire to face the newly-promoted Division One side in a two-day friendly at Chester Boughton Hall, starting on Monday 27 July