Ambitious Franks keen to keep his career moving

Paul FranksPaul Franks
Paul Franks
Nottinghamshire assistant coach Paul Franks is shocked at just how quickly his coaching career is moving, but he has no plans to slow it down.

In just three years the former England all-rounder has been both assistant and head coach of the United Arab Emirates, assistant coach at Notts and involved in the North-South series.

Franks was grateful to be given these opportunities and believes it has helped him become the coach he is today.

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He said: “I am ambitious. The really important thing for me is that I don’t sit still, and I will continue to look for opportunities that will allow me to become better.

“I enjoyed working for the UAE and being involved in the North-South series, they gave me the experience to get to the level I am at now.”

Comparing coaching to his playing days, Franks believes that both have their challenges, with the amount of issues he has to deal with as a coach being much larger.

“As a player you just have yourself to worry about, you’re worrying about your form and how you’re going to help the team win the game,” he said.

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“On a coaching level, we have about 20 players on our staff, and that brings about 20 sets of issues”.

Looking ahead to the new season, Franks is managing expectations and wants to keep the players’ feet on the ground after a successful season last year, adding: “We need to need to stay in the moment, if we get too far ahead of ourselves, it’ll all fall apart.”