CHAD YOUTH LEAGUE: Skegby parents battle the water to help U11's win

SKEGBY U11 returned to winning ways after extensive work from the parents to remove the surface water from the pitch.

Their effort was rewarded with a 2-0 win over a stubborn Ashfield side.

The score remained level for 20 minutes and then two goals in minutes secured the points for the home side.

Ashfield had their chances, Klarke Greenham latched onto a through-ball from Crichton but his sliding shot went inches wide.

Owen Hodson saw a shot well saved by the keeper just before the break.

Jordan Mumford made several saves in the second half, before a penalty was not converted for Skegby.

Ashfield hit the bar in the second half from a Matt Bostock shot, but Skegby were well worth their victory.

It was honours even in the top of the table U14 Division One clash between Ashfield Athletic and Woodhouse Colts.

Leaders Ashfield fell behind to a T. Gascoyne goal, but a 30 yard shot from J. Hehir levelled the scores for both teams to share the points.

In Division Two 10 man Racecourse Colts got a good start thanks to a G. Camps goal against Robin Hood Colts.

But a missed penalty saw them miss the chance to go in at half time 2-0 up.

Robin Hood Colts came out in the second half and made the extra man make all the difference as top scorer of the day, R. Marshall, again got a hat-trick, supported by goals from J. Galert and L. Brentnall.

U17: Sherwood United 1(C. Doyle), Woodhouse Colts 4 (A. Dovedale, R. Martin, T. Ball, A. Towson).

U16: Notts Shield Round Two: Arnold Town 4 (No Scorers Given), Clipstone Welfare Colts 2 (OG, A. Worthington); Blackwell MW 0, Shirebrook Rangers 4 (K. Hallam, M. Jones, K Lynton, OG); Forest Town Pumas 1 (J. Iliffe), Newark Town Blue 1 (S. Thompson); Southwell Utd A 4 (G. Moody 2, C. Bowles, C. Holmes), Ripley Town Colts 2 (J. Riley 2). Division 2 : Arnold Town Blue 2 ( A. Maddock, J. Greenwood), Winthorpe & Coddington Tigers 8 (A. Hales 3, W. Meakin 4, O. Finlay); Ashfield FC 4 (R. Kusik, R. Wheatcroft 2, J. Slater), Manor 4th 1 (D. Fisher); Bolsover Old Boys 1 (L. Slater), Rainworth Rangers 3 (J. Weston, D. Stevenson,J. Coupe); Derwent Rangers Blue 1 (J. Patel), Market Warsop 2 (E. Pettifer, J. Harris); Woodhouse Colts Blue 2 (J Roebuck, J Everest), Ordsall Rangers 3 (J Snelling 2, S Edwards). Division 3 : Codnor Boys 1 (M. Severn), Warsop Plough 3 (L. Brown, A. Bentley, C. Bennett); Lowdham Colts Red 9 (M. Royston 3, I. Harrison Yates 3, D. Uppall 2, B. Cree), Newark Town Vikings 2 (D. Williams, Z. Rudd); Southwell Utd Warriors 6 (T. Merryweather 4, S. Wright, J. Wood), Lowdham Colts Black 1( R Gordon); Walesby Juniors 4 (C. Atkinson 2, A. Prehn, E. Metcalfe), Derwent Rangers Yellow 2 (J. Horn, C. Mitchell); Woodhouse Colts Yellow 5 (J. Greaves, R. Walker 2, M. Pinder, D. Seagrave), Robin Hood Colts 3 (T. Rowan, C. Keeling, N. McCabe).

U15 Notts Shield Round Two: Southwell United 2 (C. Woods, E. Brown), Manor 4th 0. Division.1 : Arnold Town Maroon 4 (no scorers given), Teversal FC 1(H. Johnson); Robin Hood Colts 2 (L. English, S. Ganyiwa) , Glapwell FC 5 (D. Williams, G. Hallahan,J. Greaves 2, J. Elliott); Welbeck Welfare 3 (D. Barke, N. Humphrey, L. West), Shirebrook Rangers 1 (J. Dando). Division.2 : Market Warsop 2 (L. Parker, T. Davies) , Pinxton Rangers 4 (R. Hopkinson 2, D. Howitt, C. Phelan); Winthorpe/Coddington 3 (J. Eaton, G. Ryan, A. Mersh), Collingham Panthers 1 (T. Perkins). Division.3 : Ashfield FC 2 (J. Dixon, L. Edwards), Sutton On Trent 0; FC Huthwaite 1 (S. Adams), Southwell United Pumas 4 S. Slaack 3, J. Sassi); Market Warsop Windmills 0, Skegby Colts Red 6 (A. Rhodes, K. Bamford 2, K. Martin, N. Quinn 2); Woodhouse Colts 1 (E. Homer), Rolls Royce Leisure FC 2 (R. Maycock, N. Harrison).

U14: Division One: Ashfield Athletic 1(J. Hehir), Woodhouse Colts 1(T. Gascoyne). Division 2 : Hucknall Warriors 4 (R. Scott 2, J. Starmore, B. Clurow), Tibshelf FC 1 (J. Thompson); Robin Hood Colts 5 (R. Marshall 3, J. Galert, L. Brentnall), Racecourse Colts 1 (G. Camps); Shirebrook Rangers 3 (T. Bradley 2, B. Richards), Underwood Villa 3 (T. Clarke 2, B. Lewis); Tuxford YFC 1 (J. Daniel), Glapwell Gladiators 5 (J. Charlesworth, S. Calladine 3, D. Jenkins). Division 3 : Manor 4th Yellow 4 (O. Holt, C. Fox 2, S. Percival), Skegby Colts 3 (J. Kirk, C. Raworth 2); Mansfield Athletic 1 (K. Evans), Ravenshead Reds 1 (S. Shipside).

U13: Division One: Claypole Warriors, Teversal FC no result recieved; Mansfield Athletic 0, Shirebrook Rangers Red 2 (S. Patterson, C. Phillips). Division.2 : Blackwell MW 3 (B. Clarke 2, R. Palmer), Walesby JFC 1 (N. Hester); Ollerton Town1 (E. Brown), Swanwick Pentrich Road 1 (K. Flynn); Pinxton Rangers, Ripley Town Colts no result recieved; Underwood Villa 0, Glapwell Gladiators 7 (J. Donaldson, D. Fullwood 2, J. Woods 2,J. Hendley 2); Woodhouse West End 1 (T. Taylor), Selston FC 2 (G. Wilson 2). Division 3 : Drezden Colts 4 (R. Mason 2, L. Bartle, J. Parker), Shirebrook Rangers Blue 2 (H. Clayton, B. Drew); Mansfield Blades 17 (S. Clay 2, S. Butler 2, S. Masom 2, L. Copeman 4, J. Chant 5, J. Gillott), Market Warsop 0; Rainworth Rangers 3 (W. Dennis 2, R. Meridith), Glapwell FC 0.

U12: Division One: Manor IV 2 (D. Hall,R. Spowage), Worksop Town 1 (C. Thackery); Quarrydale FC 0, Woodhouse Colts 7 (J. Hickenbottom 2 (B. McDonald 2,T. Gammon, E. Holmes 2); Shirebrook Rangers Blue 0, Southwell United 0; Skegby Colts 1 (K. Lewis), South Normanton Colts 3 (Z. Melrose ,K. Blaney 2). DIVISION 2 : Beaufort United 2 (J. Lathan,G. Hannable), Tibshelf 1 (no scorer given); Blidworth Welfare 3 (no scorers given), Shirebrook Rangers Red 2 (no scorers given); Mansfield Athletic 7 (L. Cardan 3, S. Draycott 2, D. Smalley, S. Royal), QE Rangers 5 (J. Dove,R. Bough 3, R. Widowson); Walesby JFC 4 (B. Lee3, U. Robson), Rainworth Rangers Yellow 3 (L. Marsh, A. Keay, L. Matkin).

U11 Division One: Blidworth 4 (A. Staley 2, T. Robinson, S. Davidson), Shirebrook Rangers 4 (H. Langrick 2, R. Oakley, W. Dodds); Bolsover Old Boys 5 (D. Richmond, S. Hawes, N. Maxfield, C. Snoddin, O. Rowley), Mansfield Athletic 1 (J. Bragan); Skegby 2 (J. West, K. Harrison), Ashfield 0. Division 2: Woodhouse Colts 0, Robin Hood Colts 3 (J. Glover, J. Brennan, C. Kniveton), Beaufort Utd 1 (J. Cotterill), Southwell Utd Falcons 8 (M. Warner 3, M. Walker 2, A. Dunville 2, T. Roper).

U10 Division One: Ashfield FC 1 (J. McCormick), Shirebrook Rangers Red 1 (E. Doyle); Blidworth Welfare Red 2 (B. Wakefield, A. Alais), Pinxton Rangers 2 (H. Johnson, J. Andrews); Brampton Rovers 1 (R. Barnes), Manor 4th 4 (J. Wortley, J. Helder, N. Kerry 2); Chesterfield FC 1 (No scorer given), Clipstone Welfare Colts 9 (No scorers given). Division 2: FC Interski 1 (J. Varley), Teversal FC 5 (K. Bramley 2, B. Jones 2,H. Wharmby); Glapwell Gladiators 2 (M. Rose 2), Southwell United Squires 7 (R. Griffin 4, M. Shevlin 3); Manor 4th Black 2 (D. Hayes 2), Selston FC 7 (C. Lewis, J. Fairhurst 2, J. Hall 3, B. Clifford).

U9: Bagthorpe Athletic 2 (D. Wood 2), Woodhouse Colts 0; Drezden Colts 2 (T. Waring, R. Smith), Walesby 1 (No Scorer Given); FC Interski 1 (J. Taylor), Underwood Villa 3 (B. Oates 3); Manor 4TH 2 (J. Whiley, N. Anstee), Rainworth Rangers 1 (B. Radford).

U9: Bagthorpe Athletic 2 (D. Wood 2), Woodhouse Colts 0; Drezden Colts 2 (T. Waring, R. Smith), Walesby 1 (No Scorer Given); FC Interski 1 (J. Taylor), Underwood Villa 3 (B. Oates 3); Manor 4TH 2 (J. Whiley, N. Anstee), Rainworth Rangers 1 (B. Radford).