Blake is Mr Britain

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Kirkby’s Blake Mitchell has powered his way to become Mr Britain in the Junior U23 category at Gateshead.

That has now qualified him for a tilt at the European Championships in Rome in October, though he still need sponsorship help to make the trip.

Blake, who works and trains at Festival Hall Leisure Centre, Kirkby, entered his first bodybuilding competition, Mr Pennine in Lancashire, on 25th April and blew away the crowd and judges with his physique, placed a resounding first, qualifying him for the IBFA Mr Britain final.

On a typical week Blake will train five days a week, Monday to Friday, with a mixture of weights and cardio vascular exercises with the CV normally involving hill walking on a treadmill and the whole session normally lasting about two hours

As well as this Blake is on a very strict diet of around 2200 calories a day and has been on this diet for around the last six months.

A breakdown of a normal day is:

Breakfast - porridge oats/raisins/banana

Mid morning - snack of nuts and six egg whites

First meal - chicken, rice and broccoli

Second meal - chicken, rice and broccoli

Train for two hours

Third Meal - potato, fish and broccoli

Supper before bed - Porridge oats

Various protein shakes and supplements throughout the day

Leading up to the competition the diet has to be very strict and the week before it will contain no carbs at all and the water intake will increase dramatically.

The night before the competition Blake had half a bottle of dry white wine which helps dehydrate the body and define the muscles.

On the day of the competition for breakfast Blake had a mixture of oats, fried eggs and steak but nothing to drink at all.

Just before going on stage he ate sweets, dark chocolate and a glass of white wine which all helps bring out the definition and vascularity of the muscle.

Blake is currently looking for sponsorship to help fund his attempt of becoming European champion and if you can help please contact Nick at Festival Hall on 01623 457101.