Revealed - Parliament’s pin-ups! Do you agree?

With daily press briefings and politicians on the news more than ever before, a new study has analysed official UK Google search data to reveal the sexiest politicians in the UK.

It would appear that Brits have a soft spot for Priti Patel. The Home Secretary comes out on top as the sexiest sitting female MP in the UK with 3,800 monthly searches for terms ‘Priti Patel sexy’ and ‘Priti Patel hot’.

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Fellow Conservative MP Esther McVey places second on the list with 2,300 monthly searches that include her name and the keywords ‘sexy’ and/or ‘hot’.

Expanding the criteria to include former UK MPs sees the Conservative pair reshuffled from their positions by Jo Swinson and Heidi Allen.

Former Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has 5,300 sexy searches per month, which is more than international pop star Rihanna, who manages 5,000 sexy searches per month.

The one-time leader of Change UK, Heidi Allen records 2,500 monthly sexy searches.

Here are the top 10 sexiest politicians in the UK:

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Jo Swinson, former MP, 5,300Priti Patel, Conservative, 3,800Heidi Allen, former MP 2,500Esther McVey, Conservative, 2,300Angela Rayner, Labour, 1,150Theresa May, Conservative, 700Andrea Leadsom, Conservative, 600Amber Rudd, former MP, 600Liz Kendall , Labour, 500Penny Mordaunt, Conservative, 500

You may be wondering where are the male politicians? Truth be told, aside from three politicians there are zero monthly sexy search enquiries for male politicians of the UK.

That being said, the sexiest male politicians in the country can be revealed as Dominic Raab, Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage.

Dominic Raab and Jeremy Corbyn record 110 sexy search queries per month while Nigel Farage manages 30.

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The analysts behind the study, FeedBACK Casino were surprised to see no search volumes for Labour leader Keir Starmer, Chancellor Rishi Sunak and former military men Dan Jarvis and Johnny Mercer.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Our analysis of all current 650 MP’s and prominent politicians in the country highlight some interesting celebrity crushes.

“We didn’t expect to see Theresa May make the top 10, nor Jeremy Corbyn be one of the biggest sex icons in UK politics, but 2020 is a very strange year.”

Based on combined search results by party, the Conservatives are officially the sexiest political outfit in the country, with 8,160 sexy searches per month for various MPs. Perhaps this is how they won the 2019 General Election so convincingly?

Party name combined monthly sexy searches:Conservatives, 8,160Labour, 3,040SNP, 450Lib Dem, 170