Youths targeted Glapwell property

A GLAPWELL man facing child pornography charges came under attack when two teenagers hurled lumps of concrete through his living room window.

Stephen Wholey had CCTV installed after a front window was smashed but at 8.20pm on 9th October, the same bay window was put through.

“He heard a loud crash and then a second missile came straight through, showering the room where he had just been sitting with glass,” prosecutor Becky Mahon told Chesterfield magistrates last Wednesday

“Substantial chunks of patio paving slabs had been thrown at the property. He said the incident was quite terrifying because it seemed that the violence was escalating.”

She said Wholey (35) was awaiting trial for allegedly possessing pornographic images of children.

Ryan Wheeler (18) was arrested and said he was with two other youths, who ran away.

He heard two smashes but did not see who caused the damage.

He was then shown a still photograph taken from CCTV footage and admitted being one of the offenders.

A 17-year-old Shirebrook youth, who cannot be identified by the media because of his age, said he had drunk three litres of cider that day and he knew Wholey was facing child pornography charges.

He expressed remorse for the offence.

Wheeler, of Poplar Drive, Glapwell, admitted causing £535 damage to a window, blind and ornament. He had no previous convictions.

Magistrates imposed a 7pm-7am curfew for two months, describing his actions as dangerous and reckless, and saying it was fortunate that no-one was injured.

The 17-year-old was being dealt with separately by the youth court. He had a previous conviction for damaging property and is subject to an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO).

In mitgiation, Lisa Tinsley said: “There was some deliberate targeting of this victim after a matter was reported in the local press.

“He didn’t set out with the intention of causing damage, it took place under the influence of alcohol. He says his drinking has now decreased.”

Joe Harvey, for Wheeler, said he stopped taking his medication for attention deficit disorder after splitting up with his girlfriend and on the night of the offence had ‘sampled the delights of three litres of Frosty Jack’s cider’.

Mr Harvey added: “He says there was no deliberate targeting and that somebody’s window was going to be put through that night - it just happened to be that house.”