Your stars for the week ahead

Our resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell looks at what the stars have in store for you for Monday 23rd June to Sunday 29th June.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 22nd June 2014, 6:39 pm
John Thompson-Campbell
John Thompson-Campbell

Aries: You are going to be intent on introducing fresh new change at home, and you will feel very strongly about this, even quite emotional; albeit you believe the time is right, and you are more than ready now to start the ball rolling.

Taurus: You are about to experience a fresh lease of life, that you will find energises your youthful sense of humour. I think that you are going to be feeling a bit more sensitive than you normally admit to, and even a little bit more intuitive, but overall watch out for being flirted with, by a newcomer!

Gemini : You are going to be well up for a laugh this week, and when others tell you at times, to grow up, and act your age, you will totally ignore them and tell them to get a life, and learn to smile and laugh a bit more and stop being so boring.

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Cancer: This is the beginning of a good month, and year ahead cancer, where you need to look at your resources intelligently, and plan your pathway out, to your best benefit for what you have in front of you, taking advantages of any opportunities that Jupiter has brought your way; which could turn to gold after next month.

Leo: Even though you are going to be in the right frame of mind to have a right good old time, and even overdo it a little bit on the Champaign, you are advised to slow down a gear or two, try to conserve your vital energy, ready for a very busy old time up ahead when you are going to need your strength.

Virgo: This week will bring out the best in you, and I think that you will be very game for a laugh, and even deciding to get a little bit competitive and enjoying every minute of it. On the other side of the coin, I feel that you will find yourself nurse-maiding one of your friends !

Libra: Your Job is very much on your mind now the Sun is working in emotional Cancer, and the New Moon is going to provide some strong emotional energy and impetus. You are either going to commit wholeheartedly now to your chosen path, or will now look for an exit to better things. You are also very much ready for some me time, some laughs, a bit of sun and enjoyable romance!

Scorpio: An emotional outlook for you Scorpio, as your feelings are running deep, but are mixed up. There are signs here that there are going to be some upcoming opportunities around you, that will enable you to better the quality of your everyday; but only if you are willing to work a little and study a little bit more. Listen closely to your instincts, as they are very right.

Sagittarius: This is your week and month for looking after your better half, and show him/her a brilliant time, flash a bit of cash, spoil them and make your soul-mate smile and laugh. This is an easy going but emotional time, where you are ready for a bit of deep bonding.

Capricorn: Your horoscope shows that you are going to be especially enjoying your job this week, and for some of you, playing a bit of a game, and perhaps taking a bit of a risk via a potential work place romance that seems quite scintillating. The Sun and New moon in Cancer portray the very same theme: you have got your eye on someone, or vice versa !

Aquarius: You are going to be in a very reminiscent mood, and reflecting upon family and friends, past and present, and possibly bumping into an old face completely by surprise, and out of the blue; and really enjoying your catch up. Lots of reasons to smile this week.

Pisces: The positive theme continues for you again this week Pisces. Whereas some often accuse you of being vague, and somewhat a dreamer; I myself believe that you know exactly who you are, what you are, and where you are going; and one place you are set on going, is on holiday, and probably to a sunny country, and by the sea. Njoy!