Your stars for the week ahead

John Thompson Campbell - Astrologer.
John Thompson Campbell - Astrologer.

Our resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell casts his eyes over your horoscope to see what the stars have in store for you this week...

Aries: A very pleasant week ahead for you Aries where you want to get things done, and get all your odd jobs sorted out, and even any paperwork that you have got to deal with, doesn’t even seem to get on your nerves. This is not a time though for acting like a one man band, as you have a tendency to prefer, as ideas are going to be shared between you and your other half quite strongly.

Taurus: You are going to be just in the mood Taurus to have a bit of a laugh this week, and may well do your best to avoid anyone around you that tries to dampen your spirit by trying to get intense and serious around you. Even if you are currently attached, you need to be aware that you have an admirer, and he or she is probably right under your nose, in your workplace.

Gemini : The past could very well be just about to catch up with you in your family life, as it looks like there is some form of a reunion on the cards which will result in a lot of smiles, and loads of banter and jokes; but funnily enough; there is a hint of caution here! You are also going to notice more than a hint of flirtation hanging in the air this week.

Cancer: You are about to contemplate arranging a celebration, and you will be mulling over the thought about hosting it in your own house. The only drawback seems to be around drawing up your guest list; as there are people that you simply don’t want there, and funnily enough, there are some that you will miss off, because of lack of space and funds, and you realise you cannot invite everyone you know; but don’t want to offend anyone.

Leo: You have your eyes set on someone that you have admired for some time now, and you are just about to get the confidence up to go for it, as there is a fair amount of flirtatious naughtiness happening in your life at the moment. You are about to invest in some new gear just for the occasion, and I feel that you are going to be very picky about what you choose to wear; as you are set on looking good and making a damned good impression.

Virgo: You look to me like you feel that you are on top of the world, and that there is not much than can get you down at all. I think that you are going to be scrutinising your diet and also your fitness regime, and tweaking it, whilst pushing yourself a little more than you usually do.

Libra: It’s still a time for holding yourself back Libra, for relaxing a bit more than you normally would and just seeing what direction that life takes you for a few weeks. You have done a lot of groundwork, and sown a lot of seeds, and soon I think you will be smiling when you see what results this brings. I do also feel that you are about to approach a certain someone and go on a very chatty romantic date.

Scorpio: You are going to decide this week that it’s the perfect time for a night out, and maybe even having just one drink too many, just for the hell of it. So it looks to me that a bit of a good time with your “bessies” is on the cards. Just watch your back though, because not everyone that you bump into, is going to be as friendly as you might expect.

Sagittarius: There is an enjoyable atmosphere around you at work this week, where everyone seems to be laughing and passing jokes around, and normally with this astrological configuration, it results with a “team social” in the offing, with a good meal in a restaurant being the order of the day, coupled with a few pubs, and a club afterwards.

Capricorn: The stars this week are encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone, and break a few ingrained patterns in the process. Life ahead of you looks enjoyable, but it’s because you are going to be looking for a few new outlets in your life; just to test the water. “ If you do what you’ve always done; you will get what you’ve always got ! It’s time to introduce the brand new into your life.

Aquarius: This week keep your eye on where your money is headed, and watch out for unexpected expenses cropping up, and you won’t get caught out. I have a feeling that you will be as sharp as a button here anyway; but there is an emphasis in your horoscopes on incomings and outgoings, and from what I can see, a few extra pounds would put a smile on your face; so if you get a chance to make a few on the side, I should grab it with both hands.

Pisces: Relationships are what this period in your life is all about. Romance is going to be very much on your mind, and very much conversed about, and all the indications show me that you are going to be fair enjoying a bit of welcome attention, and getting the opportunity to get involved with someone new, in a bit of enjoyable travel. Make the most of what is coming your way, and shove any doubting thoughts where they belong . Just do it !