Your stars for the week ahead

John Thompson-Campbell
John Thompson-Campbell

Our resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell cast his eyes over your horoscope for the week ahead...


As you hit it off in August, you are setting out with the best of intentions, and you find yourself handling life and your workload just nicely, it has to be said. You will find yourself in a pretty good mood; then someone that you know puts a spanner in the works, and does something that really annoys you, and you will let them know exactly what you are thinking.


There is change in the air for you Taurus, as far as your job outlook is concerned, with you now getting ready to consider a new pathway. Home is a very happy place for you currently, and although life is keeping your partner active and busy; there is pressure evident, and the potential for arguments are about to arise!


This week will find you in a pretty good mood, albeit a little bit unsure of your place in your work environment. I believe that you know your own direction, and probably how to get there. What is going to be making you think twice are the people around you; as you sometimes feel that they are simply not on the same wavelength, and you don’t think you have that much in common.


You are in the mood to enjoy yourself and are very much up for a good laugh, and a good night out, and as far as I am concerned you are going to be feeling in an amorous type of a mood. The main hold up though to be honest, is that it looks to me that you are also planning long term, in relation to what you can realistically afford, and are going to be watching the purse strings a bit more than normal.


You will find yourself voicing your outstanding views and opinions this week, which in all honesty might not go down just that well with your partner, who is going to let you know in no uncertain terms that he or she has got their own mind and opinions, and that they very much need to be respected.


You are going to find yourself coming to the end of a road shortly, and making decisions that one era of your life is now coming to an end, Be very careful just who you tell this to, as I can see that there are those around you, who believe that you have no real sense of direction, and that they know what is best for you.


Money is a topic that is very much on your mind at the moment, and you are going to be looking at your potential, capabilities and options for bringing it into your life. It looks to me that your popularity is on the rise, however I don’t see you being in a sociable type of mood at all; as you have other priorities and your own agenda.


The very word “challenge” seems to be your middle name, with you feeling very energetic and confident, and looking to me like you are thinking about your career and are going to be looking at what you deem to be your best way forward in the future.


I think that you will find that you are being forced into a corner, and will feel the need this week to stand on your own two feet, and dig in quite rigidly. This is going to make you feel quite edgy, and where you are normally a social butterfly, you just want your own space at the moment, and crave a bit of freedom.


Your pace of life is stepping up, as you find yourself a lot more determined to get things done in your weekly life, bringing a close to a few areas that you see as having had their day, and getting ready to move onto pastures new. As this is all starting to happen, you are going to find that you feel you are having a new lease of life, and that your sense of humour is returning.


Looking for a job, or even a second means of income is going to be high on your agenda now, and you find that you are going to be putting a lot of time and energy into your objectives here. You are going to feel that your life is about to take on a new sense of meaning with your friends being very supportive, and I think that you are about to have a right old laugh with a few chosen ones.


You are very determined to ring in the changes, and find yourself more than curious about what lies ahead of you; wondering whether your life will alter in any way or shape in your future, or whether, the conditions that you live with at the moment, is what you need to accept. You yourself are in charge of your own future, and if you want to witness any promising change; it all starts with changing your very own attitude, and your own outlook.