Your stars for the week ahead

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Our resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell casts his eyes over your horoscope for the week ahead...


There is the possibility of an argument escalating in your household, which arises from nothing much as you see it, leaving you wondering what all the fuss is about. The cause is your working life, as those close to you see you as giving far more priority to your job, than to them.


This week could turn out to be a major headache for you, as you feel you are being badgered by other’s problems that you really do not want. As a Taurean, you prefer to opt for the easy life, and simply don’t understand people who make life hard and complicated, when it doesn’t need to be.


You could find yourself feeling very much out of sorts this week, and even experiencing a few ache and pains. You are advised to slow the pace down a gear or two, and, as it seems to me, that you might be taking too much on. You will find out for yourself; for if you don’t, fatigue will very much set in.


This could be an emotional week for you when nothing seems to go to plan. You look like you try your hardest when it comes to romance, and you are one of the most caring people under the sun, however, you could end up feeling that all your efforts are not noticed, or under-appreciated; leaving you feeling slightly frustrated.


This week could bring you some unnecessary and unwanted pressure and stress. They say that “telling times” are sent to test you; but I have a feeling that you are going to run out of patience with some around you; feeling like you have come to the end of your tether, and are going to let others know some home truths, as you see fit!


You are going to feel like you are being pulled in two differing directions, as your heart is telling you to stay with what is familiar, tried and tested; but you are being encouraged by some to break new ground ; opening a new chapter in your life. Its very much up to you What is your next step?


The Full Moon in Capricorn is shutting you down logically and opening up your emotional psychic senses 100%. You are about to make a very important decision that you simply know is the right one to make that is going to have a roll-over effect on both your working and home life.


This week you are going to be in the mood to get out and make an impact, putting a bit of energy and life into everything that you do. However, even with the best of intentions, I believe that you are going to feel that others will thwart your best intentions, and you could end up feeling quite restricted in what you can actually achieve.


You are going to start to feel that deep down inside you, where no one can see your inner thoughts that you are slowly building a central belief that some around you could not care less if you are a part of their life, or not. You are going to start to feel that you are beginning to develop a hard shell, and undergoing a toughening up process.


You have choices to make Capricorn. Your priority is your other half, and you simply want to see your soul mate smile and be happy; as that is what will make you feel exactly the same way. However, there is incoming emotional tension and pressure being highlighted in your personal life, and the result could be, the end of one way of life, and the introduction of a brand new chapter !


This week will bring out your protective nature as you look deeply at those things in your life, that you cherish and care about. There is change coming into your life, as your life is altering subtly in the background, and little things occurring will take you very much by surprise. You would be very wise to think on a long term basis here.


You are currently experiencing a lot of happiness and laughter in your family life. However, in the background, there are weaknesses and issues that need to be addressed that will not be easily solved, and could take longer than expected. Life is not perfect and settled here, and hiding your head in the sand will achieve nothing!