Your stars for the week ahead

John Thompson Campbell - Astrologer.
John Thompson Campbell - Astrologer.

Our resident astrologer John Campbell-Thompson takes a look at your horoscope for Monday 16th June to Sunday 22nd June, to see what the stars have in store...

Aries: You are going to find yourself feeling far more emotional now than you would normally admit to, and you are very interested in making sure that your family are well catered for, and suffering no problems. You have your protective head on you.

Taurus: Your emotions are going to be influencing whatever is on your mind this week, and you will be making some decisions based on old, but fond memories. You past is going to get dug up, in the process, and some old, forgotten memories, remembered, could bring a tear to your eye.

Gemini : With your own ruling planet mercury retuning to your own sign this week, it encourages you not only to give some things a second chance, but also to maybe opt to change direction; but most definitely to re-assess your strengths, and perhaps, to look at your life from a different angle.

Cancer: It is important now that you begin to get clear about what you would like to do with your life; if you actually want to do anything with it at all, that is? Clarity and a strong sense of direction is your best friend now, and above all avoid wishful thinking, which would be a mistake, and get you no-where.

Leo: At this time of year, you are very much advised to do the very opposite of what you would normally naturally do. You naturally seek centre stage and most of you just love a bit of attention. However, right now, you best strategy is rest, recuperation and relaxation, and focusing on building your strengths for what lies just ahead.

Virgo: As of this week, your life is going to be about catching up with your friends and being introduced to some brand new personalities in the process. It’s going to be a fun week for you finding out just how some nearly forgotten names are getting on in life. It’s time for a trip down memory lane.

Libra: For you Libra, you are ready to jump into the deep end and put your heart and soul into your job; but you want your pathway to have meaning, and you want to be recognised. You are also going to be putting a good amount of thought into the bigger picture of your life, and are tempted to book a last minute holiday.

Scorpio: It’s time to think about throwing all your troubles to the wind for a few weeks, think about a good location that you could ship all the family away to, and get those bags packed, ready for a mixture of a good laugh, and a couple of days of peaceful slumber in the sun.

Sagittarius: Feelings run very deep for you this week, as you begin to focus upon the deeper aspects of your relationship, and even question some areas. Overall, you are convinced of the strength of your partners loyalty; and yet wondering why and what is making you think like this?

Capricorn: You are about to come across someone who brings the best out in you, which comes very much as a surprise and even gives you a few things to giggle about. This person has the ability to bring out your naughty side; which actually makes you feel a little guilty.

Aquarius: You need to watch what you eat this week, as your horoscope is telling me that it’s very possible that you are going to suffer from a stomach upset that puts you out of action for a day or two, and also, you might need to take on a bit of extra help, as you have some upcoming odd jobs pending, that you need a handy man for.

Pisces: Events at home are going to give you much food for thought, and you are going to be tying up loose ends and putting yourself into a position of strength. There are celebrations just up ahead, that for yourself get quite emotional, and perhaps even induce a tear, or two.