Your stars for September

John Thompson Campbell - Astrologer.
John Thompson Campbell - Astrologer.

Want to know what September has in store for you? Our resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell casts his eye over your horoscope for the month ahead...

Aries: September is a busy month, and perhaps a hectic month. You could start the month a little clueless and feeling lost and simply “ not yourself “. You will turn this around though and eventually inject a lot of power, energy and drive into all your affairs, supported by that special person who is closest to you.

Taurus: Joining some sort of club or even a new gym is a matter that should be getting discussed this month; although you are going to look at taking the plunge with your partner for moral back up and encouragement. In fact your relationship and new friendships are going to be a talking point, and possibly the source of a clash.

Gemini: Relationships are very much your theme this month; but it’s not so much love at first sight here as far as I am concerned; but more in the line of satisfying your own carnal desires. September will be a really good laugh; however you are also going to have your working life at the back of your mind as its giving you cause to think twice.

Cancer: You are going to begin now to notice the changes ringing in, starting with making a few simple improvements at home, after meeting with someone who makes you sit up and take notice; who you think is very much worth listening to.

Leo: Travel is going to be quite a big issue with you in September, as you are more than ready to spread your wings and go somewhere new. This is now the time to forget about work for a little bit, and relax and enjoy; as soon after, you are very much going to have the cost of living on your mind.

Virgo: September is the ideal month for you to plan a few leisure activities, including a few nights out, and perhaps even buying some new expensive gear, so as to make you feel good. To add to this, I feel that you are going to find that life at home is going to become a lot more livelier than it has been for quite a while.

Libra: You start off the month by learning a few facts that others thought that you clearly didn’t need to know. As September progresses you are going to find your energy levels increase, and you feel buoyant and outgoing. As your confidence elevates, you are going to get very decisive about a few things.

Scorpio: You are going to start the month feeling like a right little bag of life, and as the days pass your positive attitude is going to drive you forward, and you are going to find yourself wanting more out of your life; with every intention of putting the effort in, so as to improve your circumstances.

Sagittarius: In September you find yourself moving from feeling lethargic to feeling uplifted, and will experiencing having a remarkable change of attitude in several areas as you can see room for improvement; but you can also see the results and the benefits of your actions in front of you if you take the time to do a fair bit of re-organising.

Capricorn: This month you begin to see what lies ahead of you in the months ahead and will decide that it’s time to put a bit of effort in, so as to improve your personal circumstances. However, I feel that through no great lack of your own effort; but others action that even with the best of intention; you are simply not going to get as far as you would like.

Aquarius: You have got several changes of mind, and several changes of direction coming in, just in front of you, and dependent on what choices you make, you could experience a fairly enjoyable time or could simply make life seem like a lot of unnecessary hard work. Keep a positive head on you, as you are moving from a narrow, restrictive outlook, to one of being enthusiastically broadminded.

Pisces:There is a bit of a see-saw effect occurring in your life in September, as even though you feel that everything is going very well in some areas; you will be very aware that in other certain areas you are struggling; and may in fact feel that others are demanding too much of you, and you need to tell them to back off.