Your stars for the coming week

What do the stars hold for you this week? Our resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell gives you his horoscope reading for February 10 to 16.

Friday, 7th February 2014, 2:54 pm
John Thompson-Campbell

Aries: You are going to be in a secretive frame of mind this week; and perhaps even re-evaluating plans that you had every intention of going ahead with; but for your own reasons, currently, do not have a lot of confidence with.

Taurus: Be careful just who you decide to share your inner thoughts with, as there are some around who let you believe that you can trust them with anything in confidence; but, in reality, find it quite humorous, to gossip with others and laugh at your expense.

Gemini: Where your job is concerned, you need a sense of clarity in your thoughts if you are going to go where you would like to go. You have got potential; but perchance, a lack of self-confidence is evident; plus a very unsure sense of direction.

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Cancer: Quite an emotional week for you, and one where you should find yourself, and your abilities feeling challenged! You have a vivid imagination and the potential to easily and practically bring your dreams into really; but like some other signs, there is cause for re-evaluation and back-pedalling on intended plans.

Leo: You could find yourself in a battle of wits with others who are very close to you, including your partner. It’s all a matter of priorities here. I feel that you and another will be debating values; with you feeling that you are being treated unjustly and unfairly.

Virgo: Secrecy seems to be the theme for the week; with undertakings and communications taking place behind closed doors, and out of earshot of others. There is scope for a very promising romantic time here; however, I also see the potential for deceit and lies ……. Which could all end in tears !

Libra: A lot of critical thought taking place here about not only your job, but about how you run your every -day life and the activities that you take part in that keeps you occupied. You are going to be having a rethink and making little changes.

Scorpio: You will find that you are harbouring some ambitious tendencies this week, and are interested in seeking others feedback; as you will be very 50/50 about stepping into the unknown, and out of your comfort zone.

Sagittarius: You are going to be feeling very much at home and comfortable with the ideas that you are harbouring in your mind; and are more than ready to introduce a few changes into your life. Your home this week, is going to be your personal retreat where you can be very much alone with your thoughts!

Capricorn: Your caring, sharing side is going to be very noticeable this week, and some that are close might even seek your company and use you as a shoulder to cry on. You very much need to ensure that some do not take advantage of your good intentions, and that you are strong enough yourself; ensuring others do not drain your energies.

Aquarius: You need to keep a keen eye on your budget, as there are some adverse signs here. You are going to need to spend a few more pounds than you really want to. It also looks like you need a bit of time in your own company; valuing your personal space, and will feel that others are getting on your nerves!

Pisces: You will be feeling that others are not being totally honest with you, and taking advantage of your charitable nature; and will actually make a point of letting some know exactly what is niggling away at the back of your mind.