YOUR VIEW: We’re not racist, but we are patriotic

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I wish I had been around to follow the crew from Panorama when it visited the town recently to take note of the number of people they actually spoke to and how this related to the content that was aired in the programme.

Being a BBC production and presented by a loyal “luvvy” in Nick Robinson, the assumption that in having a “leave” vote of 72 per cent in the EU referendum made this an area of “Little Englanders” that would reject a skilled workforce was well wide of the mark.

We have been unfortunate in losing many industries in recent times which kept the local population in work for generations.

The jobs are no longer there and Mansfield is not alone in this situation.

The result is that many of the vacancies now available are for lower-skilled workers and are less secure long term.

That we have had a mass influx of newcomers to compete with the local indigenous population was always bound to create problems, not only in the workplace, but also in pressure on health, education, housing and other services.

Also the cost to the benefit system in supporting these people.

Mass immigration was something we weren’t given a vote or referendum on thanks to Mr Blair and his liberal lefties who don’t happen to live with the impact it has had

on traditional communities.

Things may be different had they not also encouraged a generation to stay at home on benefits, or another that they should all be entitled to university instead of learning and earning in a trade, which also happened on their shift.

I would love to hear Polish and Romanian et al spoken on every street corner, if I were in Warsaw or Bucharest that is, in Mansfield takes some getting my head around.

Mansfield isn’t racist, it’s not a racism issue.

But it is racial, and also religious and cultural.

And I also add that there is nothing amiss in being patriotic about the country of your birth and its history, which are other topics the liberal left despise of this nation in my view.

Nigel Wolden

By email

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