YOUR VIEW: Shipping containerS may be the answer to housing shortage

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I have in my possession something which may help in the ‘shortage of housing’ situation.

I have a model of a shipping container complete with cab. The total length of the container and cab is 25.5 inches. It is a scale model. The scale is 24.6 to one. The shipping container in ‘life size’ would need to be 40 feet.

Within my model container is a complete house (two floors) plus two shower/toilet buildings, one for each floor, which add onto the main building.

Everything is pre-fabricated, even the furniture is already installed into the units. The four units within the container wagon are: left - lower room, right - lower room, left - upper room, and right - upper room. All the four units bolt together. The bathroom/toilets fit inside two of the rooms only for transporting. The two halves of the roof sit on top of the four units.

Also sitting on top of the units are two ‘A’ frames for lifting the upper rooms in place.

Everything is in the container wagon. All the building can be constructed in under six hours by three men.

As you may appreciate, these container wagons can go anywhere in England and indeed the rest of the world.

This idea may help the housing shortage to some extent at low cost.

If the Chad could do an article on this idea, it may be noticed by a local business person and taken up by them, this would be good for Sutton and Mansfield.

Lee Banfield

Beechwood Court, Skegby