YOUR VIEW: Roads in such a state they are akin to a fairground ride

Roads - and the state of them - is a hot topic of debate
Roads - and the state of them - is a hot topic of debate

Dangerous, horrendous, nuisance etc.

I don’t know the best way to describe our local roads.

Monday night, 9.45pm, I was driving home from Jacksdale and as I turned right from Main Road into Pye Hill Road. My nearside front wheel thudded into a crater and my blood began to boil, thinking of the damage to the new tyre and expensive alloy wheel.

I really took notice of my journey home and mere words cannot describe what I think of the roads from Jacksdale, through Selston, up over the motorway and down over the level crossing and up by the old Bentinck pit entrance (which is like driving over a ploughed field with the filth and unevenness).

Then from Kirkby Cross to the fire station can only be described as a fairground ride, something akin to dodgems and a rollercoaster.

It’s no good councils bleating on to us about lack of funding, these things don’t occur overnight.

Roads, as with most things, need maintenance and there are the relevant departments set up to deal with that.

When you tot up how much money goes into the Treasury from the motorist, either directly or indirectly, there should be no need for this kind of condition on our main roads.

I’d like to ask someone from the local highways department to travel the route I’ve just mentioned to get their opinion, and if they think it’s bad, then spare a thought for those with sports suspension, back problems, cycles and motorcycles. I’m hoping you get the picture.

Dave Gee


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